The Battle For Books

Being a writer in 2017 is not easy. We have competition and not just from our fellow wordsmiths. How can a book compete with Netflix and Hulu and movies? I mean, I love books, duh, and I read a lot of them, but even I am a lover of movies. How could you not love movies? They’re so good lately. Continue reading


Brandon’s Favorite Things: A List

The subjective nature of art, and the changing of a person’s personality as time goes by, adds up to it being desperately hard to nail down a favorites list. Media shifts as we do—at least from our perspective—and thus we will respond differently than we had minutes before. But, as a creator, and a consumer, and dare I use the pretentious word: “connoisseur” of creative things, I do feel it necessary to try to understand my taste in media, and since this is the internet, the natural tendency is to try to put it into an easy to read list.

So, here we go. I am going to, based on my opinions on this day 2/6/17 (which is when I wrote this…you’ll see the edited version on Wednesday) list out my favorite creation in each form of media I can think to include, along with a short reason for why. Though, to keep the word count reasonable, I’ll keep to only a few short sentences each.

So, here we go. My current all-time favorites. If I had to grab something for entertainment and run, these would be my choices. Continue reading

Monthly Mention: March 2015

March has been a great month for me, entertainment wise.

So allow me to share the spoils, with the third ever Monthly Mentions!

Favorite People:

Favorite Bloggers:

Continue reading

Trailer Talk: 11/1/14

With Halloween over and gone, it is time to get back to the basics.

After all, I got a Netflix Quest to finish.

But that comes later. For now, lets take a look at the Non-Horror trailers that have sprung up.

Presented the only way I know how….

with a Trailer Talk!

Starting with:

BIG HERO 6 Continue reading

Trailer Talk: 9/13/14

No matter how many movies you watch, there is always more.

More trailers too; so let’s give them a look.

WELCOME! To another addition of…..


The Guest

Interesting, interesting. Not the usual thing that I would watch.

This trailer makes this movie out as some sort of mixture of James Bond, and a Nicholas Sparks book.

Think about it. An attractive man comes to a small rural town, with intent to help out a family. Learning about the issues within, and making the family stronger as a unit.

Then, terrorists attack.


With a premises like that, it really comes down to the execution. If they can make the family feel real, if they can make us care, then they will be able to pull it off.

Alternatively, if the family is s**t, then the action needs to kick-ass.

But from the trailer, it seems like the second will be the case. I just hope that they didn’t use it all up for the trailer.

I give it a 7 out of ten. Let’s see if the next one is a bit more, original.

Box Trolls

That was….charming. No other word for it. Just absolutely charming. Made by a group that created two of my favorite movies. I am absolutely excited for this.

The only issue, is the trailer really does not tell me anything about the story.

Sure, it shows us the wonder, and beauty of claymation, lovingly filmed and set up. The city, especially, took my breath away. But that does not guarantee a good movie. Just a pretty one.

But damn…that lovely, charming, world they created.

I give the trailer 10 out of 10. The movie however, is not going to get any good will from that.

Okay, maybe a little.

One more to go!


What the hell!

Come on people! Another Human Centipede? Really?

Well at least the villain looks actually interesting. Also completely insane.

That’s important.

You see the funny thing is that I actually was interested, until he drugged him.

Up till then, I thought he was going to reveal some monster of the lake, or something like that.

But nope, he turns people into walruses. In Canada.

I would be forgiving if this was a comedy. But guess not, it looks like they are playing it straight.

So for letting me down, completely, I am going to give it the greatest dishonor I can muster.

A 1 out of 10!

It should feel ashamed.*

Alright, well, that concludes another addition of Trailer Talk. Tune in next time!

*If the movie does turn out a comedy, then I redact my earlier insults.

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Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

It is a very exciting decade for book to movie adaptations.

So many books are getting so popular that they can become movies. Which in turn is feeding back to the popularity of books.

It is really cool to see teenagers reading again. Even if it’s just so they can understand the popular movies made from them. It is a step forward as far as I am concerned.

Now of course the two biggest success of this new fad are the “Twillight” and “Harry Potter” franchises. They are huge and made money hand over fist, continuing even too this day. But the third is just as intense in its fan base.

I am referring to the Hunger Games Trilogy. Continue reading

How I Review Movies

When I decided I was going to review movies. I realized that I would need a system. A short hand for how I would score movies I saw. That way I could give a 1-10 score within a few minutes of finishing it. It was obviously not meant to replace the critical thinking needed for reviewing. Just a tool to make my job easier.

It also serves as a good way to remember how I felt about a movie, while I was watching it. Because I can’t always write reviews within the week, or even the month I saw it.

Note that these are not a be-all, end-all method of reviewing, and some movies can be good even if they do not fit any of the categories. Though…I have never found one that does…but anything possible right?

Also these reviews are made specifically for movies. They sorta work for television series, but are not formed for that purpose.

Okay, well time to delve into my method.

Hopefully, no madness to it. Fingers crossed.

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.” -Winston Churchill

For each of the qualities that the movie has, it gets a point. Ten points in all. Quite an easy system really.

  1. The movie is clever and smart.

I hate dumb movies, our culture is already filled to the brim with stupid, shameless stuff. Honey Boo Boo, Jersey Shore, TMZ, and the Twilight movies already exist. We do not need more stuff like that. If a movie does not care about its plot or the logic of it, then why should we?

  1. The viewer experiences the emotion or tone that was intended by the director.

If it is a comedy, I should feel uplifted, or happy. If it is an action movie, I should feel victorious or powerful. Movies that fail to deliver on what they are supposed to, makes you feel cheated or bored.

  1. The main characters are interesting, dynamic, and not stereotypical.

This rule only applies to the main characters, stock characters have their purposes. But the main ones need to be good enough written to be people, not characters. It is hard to care about them if they are generic.

  1. The movie is not a remake, prequel, sequel, or a mid-quell. If it is one, it needs to be better than the original. 

This one is strictly a product of this day and age. Companies are quick to make these, because they are supposedly guaranteed to make money. The movie must be better than the original for its existence to be warranted. At the very least, it must continue the story.

  1. Engaging and well paced. Basically stuff happens at a good pace.

I hate being bored. I hate it so much. Boring movies are no fun to watch. Plain and simple.

  1. Has a story worth telling.

Movies are art. Simple fact. But like all art, there are hacks. People who are in it for the money, ready to make things just for money. No creative spark to it. Any movie made this way, does not deserve to exist. I understand that people need to make a buck to live. I know that too well, but if you do not care about your story. Then it is not worth the time.

  1. Has a satisfying resolution. 

This does not mean that the movie needs to have a happy ending. Far from it, I do not think enough movies have the nerve to end unhappily, or with some level of loss. A movies ending needs to feel like an ending. That the story is done. No cliff hangers. Except for some very certain movies, an open ended ending is still a resolution. The ending of Inception is a great example of how you can have an open-ended ending and still be good.

  1. General technical excellence. Camera angles are good, and the lighting is pleasing to look at.

Low budget movies get some level of forgiveness for it. But I do not want to get a headache well I am watching a movie.

  1. The movie does not have any plot holes in it.

This is partially just an extension of the first one. Movies need to be thought through and have internal logic. It does not have to follow real world rules, but it does have to follow its own rules.

  1. Not predictable, story does not follow a paint by numbers plot. 

Spoofs, send ups and tributes do not count, they are meant to be that way. But other stories need to be unique, not just the same old thing. As I said before, I hate being bored.

So that is how I review movies. I thought that anyone who reads my reviews may want to know how I decide what I think the quality of a movie is.