Poem: Control The World

Lock it down,

Take it out,

Keep it going—

Another bout. Continue reading


Poem: Fire Magic

Did emotions spark it?

Or something genetic?

Heat leaks from fingers,

And steams the air,

Eyes boil but do not break,

And it’s always the start—

Of something more. Continue reading

Flash Fiction: When Art Has More Power

The two sat in fluffy chairs on live television.

“Did I ever tell you about the time I was nauseous? It was such a surprise to me. I thought I was getting food poisoning.”

The interviewer smiled at him, but she was nervous underneath the makeup. Her producer told her it would be a good idea to interview one of the Creators, but then they gave her a horror one. Continue reading

Demystifying Creativity

Some may disagree with me doing this. Some may become alienated as my experiences do not match up to theirs close enough. And some might simply be mad at me for some other reasons that if I were to guess, I’d likely be wrong about it anyway.

I’m gonna demystify creativity. Continue reading