Poem: Asking for The Bones In Your Flesh

How much do you value your bones?

He asked it,

And now I think hard,

If I want to have my bones,

Or if I should give them to someone,

Who clearly desires them more than me?

There are bones and then there are bones,

And the gods of the old might be sinking down,

Swallowing the lovely calcium,

And crunching with slimy teeth.

How am I to deny a simple finger,

To something that could end the world with theirs?

Ask yourself,

Ask it loud,

Do you want your bones?

What have they done for you lately?

Have they squeezed and sloshed in your skin?

Are your bones to blame for your misfortunes?

Can you lick your bones?

I cannot,

And thus, I think I shall give them away.

For really, who needs such things.

It’s selfish.

To want your bones.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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