Microfiction: Weapon-Grade Buttons

A family of four did not survive for even four seconds. The first rev of the machine gun spewed death so fast they were not even aware that their flesh had jolted to pieces.

Innocent? Is anyone innocent?

Ken pressed the button on his console. He flicked a switch; he spun a few dials. He pressed another button. Continue reading

Microfiction: Desk Setup

The computer connected to the phone. A link cable, pushed into the side, made sure that the data went into the laptop, and posted to all the social mediums on the planet. The images of one life added to the collective of the rest. Giving some understanding of who owned the picture—perhaps the only understanding available. Continue reading

Microfiction: The New Heroes

Not everyone is cut out for the hero lifestyle in this fantasy microfiction called:

The New Heroes

Grand Master Tamer J. Ward stood off a few tens of feet from the battle and surveyed the situation. Examining the two new recruits.

It was as he expected: they were terrible. Continue reading

Microfiction: Learning

Quick, dirty, and cerebral. Welcome to the microfiction:


Mr. Burner was a tad concerned when he found his student, Billy Auster, sitting by the side of the railing on the third floor of the School for The Miraculous Brain. Not because of the height, Billy was a fairly careful child and was not going to do any of the stupid showboating another student might. Continue reading

Microfiction: Farmer

May I present a short, strange story about a thankless job.

It’s called:



We rise with the sun. They rise with the night. And the first step is always to make sure they do not breach the earth. We feed the soil. We water them as best we can. But they still grow out of the ground at the rate they do. So we chop off the exposed parts and force them back. Continue reading

Microfiction: Analog + Poem: I Can’t Not Rhyme

Well, this is a new one. This week, because I ended up creating two smaller pieces instead of a flash fiction, I thought I’d present them as a package deal.

They are both comedic, so it does work…kinda.



Continue reading

Microfiction: Listen To Me

“Stand still.”

Of course I do. It seems the most obvious thing in the world. My muscles lock up so tight I can’t even bend my tongue.

“Oh, where are my manners? Breath.”

The air is cold and sweet when it rushes down my throat. My dog, Skipper, whimpers next to me. He sounds scared. But the gentleman keeps on petting him, running painted green nails across Skipper’s fur.

“Do you understand what’s happening to you? Answer and then say nothing more. I forbid you to scream.” Continue reading

Microfiction: Sales Rush

I smashed in his head with a half-priced chrome shower curtain pole. It beat taking coffee any day. The buzz, THE BUZZ.

I hear some yuppie college prick sneaking up on my shopping cart. Followed along by his girlfriend, with smeared cheap-ass mascara like devil horns on her forehead. Animals the lot of them, filthy money grubbing animals.

So I put a pair of stainless steel steak knives from my thirteen-piece cutlery set through their fucking hearts.

I’d raid their wallets, but some kid in last week’s diaper snatches it and runs underneath a couple of elderly woman gumming up the forearm of some gym teacher wielding a pair of hand weights.

“Shit! I could have gotten some shoes with that, you beast.” Continue reading

Microfiction: A Pep Talk

“Calm down.”

This boy is going to reach critical mass. I can hear my associates chatter in my earpiece, telling me to get away.

“It’s okay now.”

He clutches the top of his head. His shadows are moving off the ground, rising up towards him in rock-like crags. A maw trying to eat him.

“I know it hurts, but you need to just stay calm.” I have my fingers on my gun. Continue reading

Microfiction: Fire And Blood

Notice: So…I know I said I would have a Monthly Mentions out today…but there was a bit of a change of plans. I don’t want to leave you without content though, so enjoy this microfiction!

“Blood. Blood and fire.”

She raises the staff above her head. The mask obscuring everything.

Except the mouth. The white, smirking teeth. Continue reading