Microfiction: The Cajun Bacon Story

Brandon Scott realized that he had written, by now, so many odd stories that he started these microfictions with simple nonsense words, and then tried to work them backward. Today’s brain bubbling bramble was something called “Cajun Bacon,” and he assumed it was a story about some type of spicy bacon, or something.

But then he realized that he had already done a story about a food that was too spicy. It was that one about chili. So, that limited him further.

And, as it was five in the fucking morning, he really didn’t feel like stretching his creative muscles too much—he didn’t have the energy for it.

So, he played a playlist, sat and stared at his screen for a moment, and decided that the only way that “Cajun Bacon” was going to make any sense was the make the story super meta and be all about the process of understanding and putting into context the title.

Did it bother him that being meta like this was kind of a cop-out to the whole process of creative writing?


Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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