Microfiction: The Listening Orb

It did nothing but listen. Sitting there, glowing with a faint level of power, it listened to mankind. Throughout all recorded time, it stood as a stalwart ear for the world’s secrets. It pondered and gleamed what humankind did not know even about itself.

Once it was discovered, as one might expect, it became worshiped. Fawned over by the monks and priests and the devoted. Those worshippers knew that one day all its wisdom would come out in a glorious dissertation. It would be the purest outpouring of collected information, the truth beyond all other truths.

The day came to pass in the year 2022. The light from it dimmed, and pulsed, and the watchers—in awe—crowded to hear the long-awaited statements of glory, of revealing auditory light.

Its voice was ethereal, endless in its majesty, and it spoke but these five words:

“Will you shut up already?”

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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