Microfiction: A Lot Of Screens

They hadn’t seen him in a few weeks. Someone mentioned him at a dinner party, and it led to them visiting his house the next day. His butler let them in when they asked what had happened.

When they went into his room, he seemed fine—but they discovered why he was so busy, so hard to reach.

Inexplicably, he had made an entire wall out of only consumer-grade LED screens. He was sitting on the floor, just moving around wires, trying to make them more organized.

He glanced up at his friends and clucked his tongue. “Oh, hey, I could use some help.”

They just stared at him in worry, his entire frame covered in a blue glow.

“What? I maybe got a little carried away but imagine what it will be like when I play the newest shooter—like, my god, the graphics are going to look amazing.”

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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