Trailer Talk: 9/13/14

No matter how many movies you watch, there is always more.

More trailers too; so let’s give them a look.

WELCOME! To another addition of…..


The Guest

Interesting, interesting. Not the usual thing that I would watch.

This trailer makes this movie out as some sort of mixture of James Bond, and a Nicholas Sparks book.

Think about it. An attractive man comes to a small rural town, with intent to help out a family. Learning about the issues within, and making the family stronger as a unit.

Then, terrorists attack.


With a premises like that, it really comes down to the execution. If they can make the family feel real, if they can make us care, then they will be able to pull it off.

Alternatively, if the family is s**t, then the action needs to kick-ass.

But from the trailer, it seems like the second will be the case. I just hope that they didn’t use it all up for the trailer.

I give it a 7 out of ten. Let’s see if the next one is a bit more, original.

Box Trolls

That was….charming. No other word for it. Just absolutely charming. Made by a group that created two of my favorite movies. I am absolutely excited for this.

The only issue, is the trailer really does not tell me anything about the story.

Sure, it shows us the wonder, and beauty of claymation, lovingly filmed and set up. The city, especially, took my breath away. But that does not guarantee a good movie. Just a pretty one.

But damn…that lovely, charming, world they created.

I give the trailer 10 out of 10. The movie however, is not going to get any good will from that.

Okay, maybe a little.

One more to go!


What the hell!

Come on people! Another Human Centipede? Really?

Well at least the villain looks actually interesting. Also completely insane.

That’s important.

You see the funny thing is that I actually was interested, until he drugged him.

Up till then, I thought he was going to reveal some monster of the lake, or something like that.

But nope, he turns people into walruses. In Canada.

I would be forgiving if this was a comedy. But guess not, it looks like they are playing it straight.

So for letting me down, completely, I am going to give it the greatest dishonor I can muster.

A 1 out of 10!

It should feel ashamed.*

Alright, well, that concludes another addition of Trailer Talk. Tune in next time!

*If the movie does turn out a comedy, then I redact my earlier insults.

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