Trailer Talk: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 and The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

Well, I haven’t done one of these in a while. And I’ve actually read both of these books, so…


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

I’m really late to this one. Like, this trailer came out in July. But I started this website with me reviewing The Hunger Games (and Ender’s Game,) and I am not going to let this movie series go out without my two cents on the matter. Continue reading


Trailer Talk: Batman vs. Superman, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, and Ted 2

I’ve missed out on reviewing some BIG trailers lately.

So I say it’s about time for a…

Trailer Talk!

Starting with:

Batman vs. Superman

Oh, the delicious dichotomy. The current Superman movie was terrible, but the recent Batman movies were all really good.

So I must ask, who’s directing this one? The guy who made Man of Steel…and Sucker Punch? Oh, this is going to be such a let down. Continue reading

Trailer Talk: 9/13/14

No matter how many movies you watch, there is always more.

More trailers too; so let’s give them a look.

WELCOME! To another addition of…..


The Guest

Interesting, interesting. Not the usual thing that I would watch.

This trailer makes this movie out as some sort of mixture of James Bond, and a Nicholas Sparks book.

Think about it. An attractive man comes to a small rural town, with intent to help out a family. Learning about the issues within, and making the family stronger as a unit.

Then, terrorists attack.


With a premises like that, it really comes down to the execution. If they can make the family feel real, if they can make us care, then they will be able to pull it off.

Alternatively, if the family is s**t, then the action needs to kick-ass.

But from the trailer, it seems like the second will be the case. I just hope that they didn’t use it all up for the trailer.

I give it a 7 out of ten. Let’s see if the next one is a bit more, original.

Box Trolls

That was….charming. No other word for it. Just absolutely charming. Made by a group that created two of my favorite movies. I am absolutely excited for this.

The only issue, is the trailer really does not tell me anything about the story.

Sure, it shows us the wonder, and beauty of claymation, lovingly filmed and set up. The city, especially, took my breath away. But that does not guarantee a good movie. Just a pretty one.

But damn…that lovely, charming, world they created.

I give the trailer 10 out of 10. The movie however, is not going to get any good will from that.

Okay, maybe a little.

One more to go!


What the hell!

Come on people! Another Human Centipede? Really?

Well at least the villain looks actually interesting. Also completely insane.

That’s important.

You see the funny thing is that I actually was interested, until he drugged him.

Up till then, I thought he was going to reveal some monster of the lake, or something like that.

But nope, he turns people into walruses. In Canada.

I would be forgiving if this was a comedy. But guess not, it looks like they are playing it straight.

So for letting me down, completely, I am going to give it the greatest dishonor I can muster.

A 1 out of 10!

It should feel ashamed.*

Alright, well, that concludes another addition of Trailer Talk. Tune in next time!

*If the movie does turn out a comedy, then I redact my earlier insults.

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Trailer Talk: 8/9/14

The trailers don’t stop! So neither will I!

Welcome to another addition of Trailer Talk!

Let’s Begin! Starting with….

Let’s Be Cops

Umm alright. So I just saw that. Huh.

See the problem with these sorts of comedy movies is that they tend to put all the best jokes in the trailer. Then, when you go see it, you’re bored, because they gave it all away already.

I think this might be one of those movies.

Because the trailer is really, really funny. I was at the brink of losing it a few times in just that 45 seconds.

The premise looks good. Exploration of the power that we inherently allow cops and other law enforcement to wield. Because honestly, we would all do (most) of those things if we thought they were real cops. Or at least we would be really shocked when they did something so outrageous, and clearly illegal, in public

Also, it really does give a good example of why we have laws to prevent someone from faking being a police officer.

So, since I am only judging the trailer itself, and not the movie that is going to accompany it. I award this trailer an 8/10.

Alright, whats next?

The Giver

Hey look, they are remaking Equilibrium!

Oh, wait, this is something else. Oh well.

So another movie based on a Y.A. novel. Alright fine, unlike some people, I am actually in favor of this trend.

But they really should be more selective about what they pick.

I am not saying The Giver is not a good book. I have not read it. So I can’t judge the source material.

What I am saying, is that adapting this to a film seems……unwise. This sort of story has been done to death. There has been so many movies about people without emotions, that it is practically a sub-genre of science fiction. Not a practically good sub-genre either. Especially because for the movie to fit the theme, the acting has to be inherently bland. Which, in a book, would not be a problem as the language and word play can make up for it.

But in a movie, you have to be interested on visual alone. So if they are acting bland, then the movie will feel bland.

Yeah, so the trailer is not that good. Except the soundtrack. Which sounds excellent. It sets a building sense of dread, just with a simple piano chord. Drawing you in, and making you look close.

So, normally I would have given it somewhere in the 3 range, but, I am going to be generous and award it a 5/10.

Now, unto the final entry!

Life After Beth

This is going to be a weird month.

So Zombies are still a thing apparently, and now we have completely walked away from taking them seriously. Now they are strictly comedy monsters.

I am surprisingly okay with that.

So from this trailer we learn that this a romantic comedy about zombies. Or rather, a single zombie. Who over the course of the movie becomes more and more of a monster. With the main guy trying to somehow keep everything from exploding into meaty chunks.

Now this movie could be terrible, but from the clips I saw, it does seem to be funny. The actors are ones that I like, and they seem to be giving it there all. So I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt, and reward it with a respectable 7/10.


Alright, well that is the end of this installment of Trailer Talk!

Tune in on Wednesday for my next exciting article!

Trailer Talk: 7/26/2014

Trailers, the heralds of the new movies to come. They are meant to intrigue us, to pull us in. Make us want to spend our money on their products. They come in all shapes, sizes and lengths, and are just as much a part of going to the movies as anything else.

So I thought I would take some time out of the day to go over the trailers for movies that are yet to be released, and judge the book by its cover. Or rather, the movie by its trailer.

After all, what is a critic, if not judging?

So today, I will look at three movies that are set to be released next month, starting with….

Guardians of the Galaxy!

The newest in the Joss Whedon’s orchestrated mad-house that is the Marvel films. This film promises to branch the franchise into the more, ummmm, unique things that the franchise has to offer.

Like for instance a plant monster and talking raccoon alien.

From the look of things, this movie seems to want to take the undertones of comedy from the previous films and blow it up to serious overtones.

The movie also promises to be very heavy on special effects, which normally would be a slight detriment to a film aesthetic, as too much C.G.I. makes things look really surreal, and can pull you out of an experience. Yet, this movie will probably not have any issue, as the film series has for certain made enough money to support the effects.

If it was not for the amazing track record of this movie series, I would probably be a bit dubious of this film. The previous Marvel films have been good though, that I am willing to ignore any misgivings, and get excited for another masterpiece.

So I give this trailer a 7 out of 10. But how will the next one fare?

Lets see….

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles !

So remember how I said that too much C.G.I. can make a movie look surreal? Yeah, just thought I would bring that up again.

So this trailer….I am not happy with it. It may just be my usual dislike of Michael Bay, or the fact that I am sick and tired of remakes, but I have misgivings about this.

First off, the turtles look like they are douchey white boys. Now the original characters could be a bit abrasive, but they were still kind and honorable. These guys look like Mudflap and Skids in turtle form.

Now the action does look fun, that is one of the things that Michael Bay is really good at. He can make explosions still look interesting, even after the fifth one goes off in a two-minute span. He has an eye for wanton destruction, but not much else.

Also, Megan Fox shows up again. For more eye candy. As if this movie was not already shaping up to be pure spectacle.

So, from this short 1 minute clip, it looks like it is to be just pure popcorn fodder, shut off your brain and try not to drool. Some people like those sort of movies.

I am not one of them.

I give it a 3 out of 10.

Hopefully the last one will be more interesting….

Step Up: All In

Despite how it looks, you can totally tell that the trailer is actually holding itself back. Only giving you the beginning snippets of the dance moves that this film will contain.

There are two types of people who watch these films.

1.) People who watch it to see the amazing dance moves.

2.) People who watch it for the plot, a.k.a. LIARS! (Yes I am aware I have used that joke before)

The step it up movies are never well acted, always cheesy as hell, and totally predictable.

Also, they are f***ing awesome.

Yeah, I sorta love these films, the dancing is that good. Mind blowing cinematography, choreography that probably took years to perfect.

The movie can shove all the crappy dialog into it’s running time that it wants. Just give me dancing and flipping and fire and crazy sh*t.

This is not the kind of movie that you have turn your brain off to watch, this is the kind of film that shocks your brain out for an hour and a half. You won’t remember what you saw, but you will feel happy and energetic.

It’s like the film version of a caffeine buzz.

Also just to add to the fun of this movie, that one line spoken seems to reveal that this film has some level of self-awareness. “Does it always have to end in a big, giant dance battle?” says to me that they understand what they are making, and just want to make the best damn version of it that they can.

The title really does sum it up well. Step Up: ALL IN.

So for giving us it’s all, even in the trailer. I award this trailer a 9 out of 10.


Whew, that was actually really fun. I think I might just do these ever few weeks/months as new trailers come out. But for now, I must say good-bye. Check in every Wednesday and Saturday for more fun, and more nerdy things!