Trailer Talk: Batman vs. Superman, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, and Ted 2

I’ve missed out on reviewing some BIG trailers lately.

So I say it’s about time for a…

Trailer Talk!

Starting with:

Batman vs. Superman

Oh, the delicious dichotomy. The current Superman movie was terrible, but the recent Batman movies were all really good.

So I must ask, who’s directing this one? The guy who made Man of Steel…and Sucker Punch? Oh, this is going to be such a let down.

See, I don’t dislike this trailer. The opening parts talking about how Superman would fit into the modern-day world with regards to politics and religion is kind of fascinating. It starts out looking like what a gritty remake of Superman should be, but then Batman shows up and everything gets a tad…silly.

How do they actually propose that Batman even fight Superman? I suppose Lex Luthor manages it on occasion, so it’s not impossible….

With all the nerd debate aside though, this trailer looks good, and has an interesting tone and implication. It’s deep enough conceptually that I think I’ll end up watching it, and the trailer certainly is entertaining. So I’ll give a nice 6 out of 10.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

It appears that Disney made a bargain with Santa Claus, because we are all getting a Christmas present this year!

Where do I even start with this? The visuals are awe-inspiring, the narration is epic, and that cameo at the end took me back to when I was a little kid. Despite all the apprehension that the nerd community had about this film when it was first announced, it seems that the new director actually understands what made the original trilogy great.

And the effects…. They actually seem to be using real figures and costumes. The droids, the Stormtroopers, and even Chewbaca seem legitly there, on the actual set. That alone is immensely refreshing.

Every time I watch this trailer, I can feel the nostalgia goggles slip over my eyes, and I am forced, (yes, forced) to give this trailer a perfect 10 out of 10.

 Ted 2

The thing about a comedy movie trailer is that if it can make me laugh, then I’m at least interested. The issue, though, is the people who create these know that, and thus stick all of the best jokes in the trailer. It makes it entirely untrustworthy.

However, the original Ted was a surprisingly hilarious movie that continuously impressed me with how clever it was. So, I am hopeful for the quality of its sequel. At the very least it seems to be going for an interesting moral/allegory as it mirrors some of the more…ahem…controversial arguments in regards to parenthood and who’s allowed to experience it.

If I take the trailer on its own merits, it’s a lighthearted romp full of shenanigans, and rude — but not overly offensive– humor. I give a 7 out of 10.

Special thanks to: Collin Pearman, Dylan Alexander, and Zeony.

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