Trailer Talk: 2/21/15

As winter ends, the movie landscape begins to shift.

Let us observe these changes with the time-honored tradition…

…of a Trailer Talk.

Starting with:

The Lazarus Effect

#Evilwillrise, and it will steal all the subtlety.

Not only do they reveal the monster, and probably the entire plot, but they also show us who is going to die. There is literally no reason why someone should go watch this movie based on that trailer.

It’s just a terrible, terrible mess. It utterly fails as a horror movie trailer as it does not even effectively scare. It’s just lack-luster jumps, and nothing else.

If you really want to see a movie about a crazy girl with psychic powers, go watch Carrie again. Or better yet, go read the book. Just don’t watch this crap.

I give the trailer a two out of ten.


Color me intrigued.

I’ll admit, when I learned that Will Smith plays the main character, I got…concerned . The last big thing he was in was After Earth…and the less I say about that, the better.

But, this trailer makes it seem like he’s back at what he does best: looking suave as hell. This trailer just oozes coolness, from the excellent background music to the slick editing.

I can’t really explain why, but I’ve always had a love for con movies. There is just something about watching an intricate plan go off that makes my adrenaline spike.

Sure, it also looks like every heist movie ever made, but at least it’s wearing that fact on its sleeve.  All it wants to be is a cool, sleek movie about attractive people doing dangerous, illegal, and sexy things. It’s the same reason people like to watch Bond, and really I can’t find any fault with that.

So, for making Will Smith look like a bad-ass again, I give this trailer a solid seven out of ten.


Well that’s different, not at all what I was expecting. The beginning made it out as some kind of “war is hell” movie; and it kinda is, but not in the Saving Private Ryan sense . No, instead, this movie is about a single soldier left behind in the middle of a war zone.

The point where I became sure that I was going to see this movie was right around the 1 minute 45 second point. It was the moment the kid said this line:

The Soldier: “What are you doing out here… go home.”

The Kid: “I am home”

That was…shattering for me. I’d forgotten that when it comes to war, sometimes your home is right in the middle of a battleground. As an American, I don’t have to deal with things like that, so I tend to push it out of my mind. This trailer reminded me how lucky I am, with a face splintering sucker punch.

It’s odd that I like movies that make me feel terrible about myself, but yeah…this does, and I want to see it now. I want to sit there and feel my comfortable little world fall away to a very real depiction of what happens in war. Because even on a small-scale, it really is hell.

I award this fantastic trailer, a ten out of ten.

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