Trailer Talk: 11/1/14

With Halloween over and gone, it is time to get back to the basics.

After all, I got a Netflix Quest to finish.

But that comes later. For now, lets take a look at the Non-Horror trailers that have sprung up.

Presented the only way I know how….

with a Trailer Talk!

Starting with:


By the creators of Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, and Tangled?

Yep, it’s going to be good.

Review done.

Joking, but still, that is one hell of a track record. I adore all of those movies, and I have a sinking feeling that I am going to love this one as well.

Now, let me be clear. The trailer looks way too cute;  too kid-friendly. But so did Frozen, and that turned out great. But, despite that, there also seems to be an underlying darkness to it. They gloss over it, but the brother was trying to cure the sick. Then, in a later scene, he’s dead, or at least not around anymore. I wonder if perhaps he did not want to just cure sickness, but his sickness.

Anyhow, this trailer presents it as an action film with a lot of heart. Also, great animation, if the rest of the movie keeps it at the same level as the trailer. Especially that darkness-based super villain. He looks awesome. Though more than a bit like the Boogeyman from Rise of the Guardians.

Just a coincidence I’m sure.

Anyhow, the trailer is awesome, and funny, and an 8/10.

But how will the next one fair? Wait! It’s by Christopher Nolan? Oh f*ck yes!


Huh, the story actually seems rather calm for a Christopher Nolan film. Humanity is dying, and someone has to go in space to save us? That seems like a fairly simple plot.

This is the same guy who made Inception right?

Oh well. Based on its own merits the movie looks like an atmospheric and beautiful cinematic space film.

The aesthetics are interesting though, it reminds me of a famous movie. Also about people in space.

“Laptop, tell me what movie I’m thinking of”

“I’m sorry Brandon, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

“Huh, alright. Well whats the score for this trailer?”

“Processing…processing…calculating enjoyment levels….The final score is a 7/10 for beautiful visuals, but weird pacing.”

“Good, good. Laptop, whats the next trailer being reviewed?”


The Theory of Everything

If Steve Jobs can get a movie, and Mark Zuckerburg can get a movie, then why not Stephen Hawking?

But, unlike those other movies, this one does not seem to focus on the story of a clever man making money.

No, instead, this one is about how a clever man overcomes the worst hand ever dealt.

Also, it’s a love story. Which is always fun with these sort of characters/people.

But a movie like this always brings up the obvious questions: how real are the events presented. Lives, sadly, don’t usually make for good movies. So they tweak things, and only sometimes does that work. So I’m only hesitantly optimistic about it.

But from the trailer alone, it looks excellent. The kind of movie that makes you feel good about your life, and appreciate what you got, and what time you have.

It’s the kind of movie that we need more of.

It’s the message we need to hear more of.

So with a good message combined with excellent acting (at least in the trailer) I give it a solid 9/10.

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