Trailer Talk: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

It’s almost here boys and girls!

The penultimate movie. The only series that gets better with each sequel. The only good Y.A. novel movie adaptation this year!

The one that makes fan-girls scream, and dystopia nerds need a cold shower.

And that’s before Jennifer Lawrence shows up.

So, may I present to you, without further ado, the grand spectacle that is:


Oh, now we get into the dark stuff. The Hunger Games series has, believe it or not, been pulling punches like a boxer taking a dive.

I don’t know if you have read the last book, but it’s here where things start happening.

This is the real stuff. The twisted s*** that has been building on the horizon this entire time.

Because, despite how it’s presented, the fights in the previous movies were — to some degree — controlled. They were for sport; a game.

Not anymore.

As “Thirty Seconds to Mars” put’s it: This — my friends — is War!

In the past, I have talked about these books/movies twice,

But this time, this time something seems different. Not just the dark changes that I know are coming, but also in me. I’m more excited for this one. The buzz of wanting to see it on the big screen is not something I feel often (outside of Marvel movies).

Maybe it’s because they got rid of the game.

Yes, despite being the title of the movie, I always found the actual game in The Hunger Games to be the second most boring part of the whole thing.

The first being the dumb love triangle, which despite Twilight dying two years ago, still lords over us all.

(Though, just for clarification, I’m team Gale. “Come at me you bread-baking fan-girl fiends!”)

No, instead it’s entirely about the world, and the politics, and the horrors of war.

Also, my hype might just be from that trailer.

Because it, is fan-f***ing-tastic. This video was originally destined as an analysis, but turned into a full review because I could not bring myself to take it apart piece by piece.

It blends together remarkably well.

Utilizing the atmosphere of war, but never actually showing us the violence. Which will be all over this movie when we see the full thing. Making this mounting tension style perfect: so we won’t burn out on combat before the things even out.

Also, from what I can tell, they cut out the shakey-cam entirely. Everything that happens, happens without jerking us away, or blurring it out. The series has always been surprisingly violent, but if it is anything like the book, we are going to get sooo squicked out by the end. People get boiled alive in this. BOILED. ALIVE!

It’s visceral, and if it was not fighting against a lot of great stuff coming out soon, it would be a easy target for best science fiction movie this fall.

Yet, despite its strong showing, I still have one problem with the trailer, and It would not be a review if I did not address it.

Right here: Click Me, I Won’t Bite

I get it’s the future. But come on…..a single arrow? She took out a fighter plan with an arrow? It’s a vehicle of war! I don’t think a single iron-tipped arrowhead could ever just blow it out of the sky. Even if the tip had some kind of explosive, there is no way she could hit that damn thing. She did not have any prep time, and it was moving significantly faster than a bird. Also, she did not even lead her shot. The arrow flew straight, with absolutely no dip, and crashed into something that high up in the air.

It’s a tad unrealistic is all I’m saying.

But, beside that slight break from logic (funny how out of everything in the Hunger Games universe, it’s the arrow flying wrong that I find unrealistic) the trailer is an excellent buildup to a movie that might just be the best one we have seen yet.

Because it’s about time we showed stuff like The Giver how you adapt Young Adult Dystopia to film!

Here’s looking forward to the 24th! When “The Mockingjay Lives”!

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