Microfiction: Halloween Children

The smell awoke Kenny. He got groggily out of bed, the clock on his nightstand showing well past 3 am. His boyfriend was still asleep.

“What the fuck is she doing…” Kenny muttered. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and quietly opened and closed the bedroom door.

The bustle became obvious then: the sound of splashing, the oven door being aggressively handled. Continue reading


Halloween Flash Fiction: Ghosts Of Those Before

As I sit here, I think of them.

“And that is the agony,” Brandon Scott muttered and ran his hands through his hair. His eyes were tired, one more than the other, and his head was just a little off. “Sometimes I wonder what happens to them—and if it’s any different from what will happen to me.” Continue reading

My Phobias

Someone once told me that horror writing, good horror writing, often involves writing about what personally scares oneself.

I don’t apply this rule very much.

Partially because I don’t enjoy scaring myself—and partially because my fears are not all that interesting. They are mundane, mostly.

But hey, it’s almost Halloween, let’s have some fun.

I hate/fear/cower from the following. Continue reading

Halloween Flash Fiction: Halloween Eyes

Among the shelves, I was not sure I saw it. I glanced, and I glimpsed the piercing eyes of yellow and darkness. But, only for a second, and that made me hopefully unsure.

Because it would not be the first time I saw something I could not possibly claim was real. It would not be the only thing I was sure, in the moment, but only in the moment, I had seen. Continue reading

Halloween Flash Fiction: Washing Machine

The sound annoys. Irritates me. I can’t stand it. I shout for it to stop. I beg the air, I scream, and it does not stop. Clanking, crushing. Cracking. So much noise. It makes me want to take my skin and yank it down over my ears. Fill my drums with liquid until they pop.

I can’t stand it—I just can’t. The cabinet slamming covers the sound well enough. Back and forth under my forceful hands. Back and forth. Enough force to break something. The last push hurts too much, so I slam my hand on the side of the wood, letting the wet handprint slide down on the mahogany. Continue reading

The Yearly Halloween Article

Let’s talk about Halloween, shall we? Because, yeah, it’s coming upon us, all dripping with gore and guts and sweet things, and I am—despite having not been much of a ghoul the last few rounds—super excited about this year. Normally, I just watch a horror movie with friends, but this time I’ll get more into the “spirit” of things (ha-ha, I’m so original with my humor). Though I am too old and on too strict a diet to go out for candy, I realize that the holiday has something to offer to everyone.

So, I wanted to talk about the biggest part of this event that appeals to me. The main draw of the frightful night. Continue reading

All Hallows’ Eve

There are only two moons you want on Halloween night.

A crescent or a full.

One for the witch, and one for the werewolves.

But can you deal with the fright?

Because there are only two things I want on Halloween night.

To trick and treat.

And not find any razor blades in what I eat.

So can you survive this youth-based blight?

Because there are two things that stalk on Halloween night. Continue reading

My 5 Halloween Essentials

Holidays are a time of tradition. Every family or group has a series of activities that they do regularly around each holiday. This is usually associated with New Years, and especially Christmas. But really any holiday can have these. Just something that gets you in the mood during the preceding weeks.

With this in mind, I thought I would share with you (in no particular order) the various things I require to get in the Halloween spirit.

Also, if you guys have any specific Halloween traditions, please feel free to share them in the comments.

So lets start off the list with:

Pink Nerds  Continue reading

Trailer Talk: An Analysis of “Ouija”

It’s a real shame I already reviewed Annebelle, because that would have been perfect for the month of October.

But that’s just another great thing about Halloween, the horror movies do not stop, till the month is done.

So, in the spirit of the holidays (pun totally intended) I am going to do another analysis,

A play-by-play of my reactions; if you will.

So let’s take a look at the latest ghost story that Hollywood has to serve up. Continue reading


Looks like Chuck Wendig has yet another challenge for us.

This time, we need to create a 1k word story out of a single starting sentence.

So of course, I had to get in on that.

It took a long time to decide, but I eventually picked Kirsten’s:

There was an awkward moment as my breath hitched, my mouth too dry to swallow and my knees just seconds away from sending the rest of me folding into a pile of sweaty flesh at his feet, when I saw him smile.

So, to continue the month of Halloween, I bring you:


Continue reading