(Originally posted November 7, 2018)

To those that see a painting in twilight skies.

To those who pour out their heart because they need someone to understand.

To those that push themselves harder—harder—harder, until they find a new way. Continue reading

YEAR THREE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION #2: “Microfiction: Count The Cups”

(Originally posted September 8, 2018)

“I mean, play along. How many was that?”

Brian put the white ceramic mug to his lips and sucked down more of the cheap coffee. His sister watched him for a moment, then rolled her eyes.

“It’s four, right?” she asked.

Brian flicked out his finger. “Ding, ding.” Continue reading



(Originally posted June 23, 2018)

They walked on the roads, because past midnight, in that sleepy town, no one, not the cops, not the neighbors, would be out and about. Sure, the occasional screen, the occasional person driving along would be there, but, for the most part, the town may as well not have been in existence.

“Is it pretentious if I say—?”


Howard laughed. “You didn’t let me finish.” Continue reading


(Originally posted October 22, 2016)

The email looked legit.

Hello sir or madam, I am happy to inform you that you have made so many of billions of dollars. Due to a ridiculous series of tax laws and reformatting of the entire currency system, along with the rising of a dark sorcerer, you are set to receive seventeen billion dollars in the next week. We only need you to enter your bank account data to make the transaction complete.

I mean, how tempting was that? Just a quick share of personal matters, and I would be a billionaire. But I had to check. I had to be sure.


I am a sir, just FYI. And while I have no reason to doubt your incredibly generous offer (like, seriously dude, I am so glad you sent this email), I do need to confirm something with you before we go forward with this financial action.

I only had to wait about six hours for the response to come back. The email contained a lot of internet links I could check out and click. But, I had to stay focused. So, I sent back an email without opening any of the links.

His read like this:


 Yes, whatever you need to know, do not hesitate to ask. But please, let’s make this as quick as possible. A deal like this, especially with such circumstances, could change around at any time. We need to transfer the cash in the next few hours to avoid you losing the opportunity.

I responded with this:


Okay, I understand the urgency. I just need to know how you came to hear about this large financial turnaround.

The reply came within minutes.

Hello sir,

We are in the unique position of being connected to a man who spies on the royal magical network (do not worry if you have never heard of such a group. The secret is heavily defended.) And he has informed us of where the money is, and how to best go about transferring it out of the clutches of this evil fiend. All we need is your info.

Excitement flew through my veins as I sent out all the relevant data they needed. My palms sweated, and I waited for the first of the money to come. But, to my disappointment, they tricked me. The liars.

I mean, fifty million total? Only that?! And it took a whole month. Come on! They were absolute scam artists. And, if I were ever to meet them, they are not allowed on my yacht.

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(Originally posted September 13, 2017)

I don’t know of many creatives without some odd habits. And, with me, the most prominent and noticeable ones are my night owl tendencies and my relationship with jackets. I’ve talked about the night and my place in it before, but I’ve barely, if at all, discussed my jacket fixation, and I think it’s about time I fix that oversight. Because I goddamn love jackets. If I could comfortably sleep in a jacket I would—and don’t think I haven’t tried. Continue reading

YEAR THREE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION #6: “Just So You Know, Nobody Knows What They Are Doing”

(Originally posted September 12, 2018)

I don’t really know the age group that reads my posts. But, in case you are a young person like me—and you feel stressed out and worried and anxious about your future—I have something to tell you.

People have no idea what they are doing. Continue reading


(Originally posted September 30, 2017)

One could not overstate the significance of the foam sword. Perhaps, in the entire history of the room, and the house’s various occupants through the years, the foam sword was the most important thing to ever grace those four walls. For one, it tied the room together nicely; for another, it made several religions with its very presence.

The owners of the house, a Mr. and Mrs. Spelling, were the first to become aware of the foam sword. They found it in the center of the guest room, sitting on the floor, and radiating off immeasurable glory. Continue reading

YEAR THREE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION #8: “The Knowledge You’ve Got To Forget”

(Originally posted September 26, 2018)

As a nerd, and a “scholar of life” (if I may finally, finally reach peak pretentiousness), I’ve learned an important lesson for people—and artists especially.

And, before I go forward, a warning: It’s hard to apply.

Really fucking hard.

But, it’s also an admired quality. Continue reading

YEAR THREE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION #9: “Flash Fiction: Alcohol/Nicotine/Caffeine”

(Originally posted April 28, 2018)

“We are not real living beings, you know,” Caffeine said, then jerked his head to the side, looking at the door to the room.

“Yeah—but it doesn’t much matter. It’s nice being as we are, at least,” Alcohol said, and sat down on his chair. He stared up at the other two and smiled goofily.

“It matters a little bit,” Nicotine said, parting back his ginger hair. “I, for one, like to be flesh.” Continue reading

YEAR THREE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION #10: “Flash Fiction: Complicated And Nuanced”

(Originally posted April 2, 2016)

“AHHHH!” the man screamed at the empty sheet of paper, making it move in a slight, wavering fashion on the mahogany wood table.

He reared back, his face taking on a bluish tinge, and he breathed in and out. The man sounded, vaguely, like a squeaky toy caught underneath a car’s tire.

He put his hands on his knees and leaned back down once he could breathe again. His face, his skin, now so close to the white paper that the moisture stained. Continue reading

YEAR THREE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION #11: “Flash Fiction: Possibility Layer”

(Originally posted February 6, 2016)

The pond ripples underneath my fingertips, and my face sputters into a mess of stretching lines and round curves. And it spreads across the entire pond, in however small a way. I take a drop and smear it across my forehead, and it feels cold with the summer heat.

It’s tempting to plunge my entire hand into the froth, and feel the strains against my skin, but I can’t, not here, not now. Continue reading

YEAR THREE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION #12: “Philosophical Gift Baskets”

(Originally posted November 4, 2015)

So, for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, I somewhat recently sent out a series of themed tweets called #philosophicalgiftbaskets. In these I attempted to explain complicated philosophy via the miracle of gift baskets.

It went about as well as one could expect.

Here, are those tweets.

Welcome to Solipsism.

The gift basket does not actually exist.

#philosophicalgiftbaskets Continue reading

News: Christmas Collection Year 3!

Have I really been doing these for 3 years now? Damn. Well, alright. Most of you are probably with the program by this point and know that it’s about that time again. But, for those of you who have no idea what the Christmas Collection is, it’s a series of reposts. I spend a little while each year picking out 12 articles that mean something to me (I’ve decided to forgo the categories this year) and then post one every day up to and including Christmas day. Continue reading


(It’s better to give than to receive, right? Well, since it’s Christmas and all–have one more re-post on me. My favorite Christmas story I’ve ever written. Originally posted December 10th, 2016.)

It’s getting cold even here in Florida, so I thought I’d write something a little joyful and a little warm.

I call it:

 Being Happy In The Morning

Too early to do this, Charles concluded. Too early in the morning. But Charles would not have it any other way. Continue reading

Year Two Christmas Collection #1: Most Hopeful Article! “Hey, You, It’ll Be Okay”

(Originally Posted April 19th, 2017.)

“Love yourself.”

I hate platitudes, don’t you? I feel like they bar the ability for someone to communicate actual helpful words. They are rote and glib and sound good as a soundbite, but often already occurred to the asker of help, so are thus useless.

There seems to be an almost universal box of platitudes for every occasion. Continue reading