News: Still The Holidays, Folks

Hey guys, just a heads up if you were expecting a post today: Coolerbs Writes won’t be back until the 30th with the third annual New Years Book Cheers.

Until then, I’m probably off enjoying my presents or something. I pre-scheduled this one, so even word-me doesn’t know what real-me is up to at the moment.

Anyway, hope your holidays were awesome so far, and I’ll see you soon. Continue reading


Year Two Christmas Collection #7: Favorite Book Review! “Periodic Pretentious Book Reviews: ‘Scythe’ by Neal Shusterman”

(Originally Posted May 10th, 2017.)

As some of you may know, I am a reviewer of sorts when I feel the urge. And though I am not one who wants to spend all my time reviewing things, it is an itch I like to scratch on occasion. So, since I read a lot, I figured I might occasionally review a book for your enjoyment, and perhaps along the way swing someone to read a book they might not have otherwise. Continue reading

News: Christmas Collection Year 2!

For those who do not know, last year I did a special event called the Christmas Collection, where every day, for twelve days, I reposted an article I particularly liked for different categories. It made for a good way for me to have some time off for the holidays and yet not leave you guys with nothing fun to read.

And, well, you know what time of the year it is: so, let’s do this thing again! Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting the second round of my now annual event that is the Christmas Collection, and then the next new post from me will be the third part of the New Year’s Book Cheers for 2017 on the 30th.

It will be fun! I’ve read some good stuff this year.

But, in the meantime, I hope you have a happy holiday, no matter what you celebrate, and that you’ll join me next year here on Coolerbs Writes. Continue reading

Building A Book #2: So Much Red Ink

Seventy-eight pages left. Out of 517. I don’t even know how I managed it. Well, I mean, I do: slow and steady. 11ish pages a day. But still: wow.

So, yeah, as an update to the last “Building A Book” article, I am now deep into doing the physical copy revisions. I’ve had one red pen throughout the whole thing and scribbled all sorts of instructions to myself. Continue reading

News: A Sudden Deviation

Hey guys.

So…some stuff came up. I am only now recovering from the lack of sleep, and I don’t have a post for you today besides this one. In fact, the chaos is still going, and I am going to have to take a brief break for the next week or so.

I think I can post a new article on the 15th once everything is in order. Sorry. This whole thing really blindsided me.

I’ll talk to you then.

Real Talk Here: Please Read (This Involves You)

I’m hesitant to bring this up. I’m not sure if I can properly cover this in an article. It’s special to me, and precious, and exactly the sort of thing you’re supposed to share with people.

It’s a belief I have. An idea that a friend of mine gave me the seeds to think with. And it’s big, and it involves all of you. Continue reading

News: A Time For Family, A Time For The Holidays

Hey guys! I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays–because I certainly am.

And while I adore blogging for you guys, I am going to be taking the next two weeks off (with maybe a special Christmas day article, I haven’t decided yet) to spend time with my friends and family.

So, I’ll see you guys then, and have a merry Christmas, a happy rest of your Hanukkah, a wonderful Kwanzaa, and an awesome whatever else you may celebrate. 🙂

Continue reading

News: A New Name


Whew, good. I’m sure that had the intended effect.

So, if you’re on my site right now, you maybe noticed that it isn’t called “Coolerbs Reviews” anymore.

There’s a reason for this: I didn’t feel like it was appropriate. When I first started out this blog three years ago, I did a lot of reviewing. But if you’ve been here a while, you’ve probably noticed I strayed from that a tad.

Now-a-days I do a lot of fiction, a lot of advice for writers, some top ten lists, that sort of thing. This is for two reasons: Continue reading

News: Computer Issues

Hey guys…I’m sorry to say that there won’t be a new article today. Over at casa-de-coolerbs, I was having a few issues with my computer and it prevented me from getting an article ready for you guys.

Don’t worry, I’m already almost done fixing it, and will have a Monthly Mention for you come Wednesday.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

News: This Is Not The Post You’re Looking For

Hey guys.

There’s not going to be a Wednesday post today (except this one). I spent the last two days dealing with a series of medical tests, and didn’t have time to write up an article for you. Now, don’t worry, I’m fine. In fact, I can say that with medical certainty now. And the peace of mind that brings me is worth all of the hassle I’ve been through these last couple of days.

But, still, I am sorry. I promise to have something for you guys on Saturday.

I’ll see you then.

News: Two Week Vacation

So, here at Coolerbs Reviews, I write, edit, and publish two blog articles a week. I do this both because I love it, and because I like giving you good people content to enjoy. But, like everyone, I could use a break from time to time.

With that in mind, I’m taking a two-week long vacation from blogging to focus on some life stuff and spend time with my family. I’ll come back on the 6th with a slightly late Monthly Mentions for May and then launch right back into my usual schedule.

Till then, enjoy your summer guys! I know I will!

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News: Patrons of the Arts


Hi, it’s…uh, me: Brandon Scott.

I was hesitant to write this article. I spent a few days flipping back and forth on the issue of even typing it up. I’m not really sure how you guys will take it, or what you’ll think of me for doing this…but in the end I decided to go through with it.

Ugh, the thing I’m dancing around here, the thing that I keep avoiding saying, the thing I’m stalling on is…well…I’m doing a Patreon campaign.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way. Continue reading




You read that right! After one year of blogging, I have reached one hundred beautiful, wonderful followers! I literally could not have gotten this far without you! Continue reading