YEAR THREE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION #2: “Microfiction: Count The Cups”

(Originally posted September 8, 2018)

“I mean, play along. How many was that?”

Brian put the white ceramic mug to his lips and sucked down more of the cheap coffee. His sister watched him for a moment, then rolled her eyes.

“It’s four, right?” she asked.

Brian flicked out his finger. “Ding, ding.”

Across the plastic table, Sawyer rolled his eyes. He reached out and tapped his finger against the stainless-steel carafe, making little metallic pings. “I count it by this.”

Brian grabbed the carafe and poured out another steady stream. Not all the cream from the last cup had been drained, and the new coffee filled with swirling white. He licked his lips and took another gulp—easily taking out half the cup in one go.

“I usually stop at four,” Brian said, “but there’s not much left of it.”

“You are ridiculous,” his sister chimed in, eyeing a tater tot, before, eventually, picking it up and placing it in the ketchup. Brian glanced at it, debating stealing it, but went on sipping his coffee and eating a small order of bacon.

Sawyer smirked. “Or crazy.”

Brian smiled back and dropped his cup from his mouth. “I prefer eccentric.”

“Yeah, well, enjoy insomnia, eccentric dude.”

Brian laughed and sucked down more coffee.

Why would he want to fall asleep?

He had all he needed right there.

The Christmas Collection Continues Tomorrow, And Every Day Up To And Including Christmas Day! So Stay Tuned To Coolerbs Writes!  

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