Special Trailer Talk: An Analysis of “Annabelle”

Trailer Time Everybody!

Only, this time I am going to try something new.

Instead of reviewing three different trailers, I’m doing one, Riff Style!

That’s right, I will be going through this second by second, and telling you my reactions.

And of course for my first time out, I chose a horror trailer.

Because I’m apparently fond of self punishment.

So, ready to watch me get scared? In written form?

Then, let’s go!


00:03: Huh, cool song. Kinda catchy.

00:07: Looks normal, but the shadows are just so. Something sinister is afoot.

00:10: Okay, we get it. They’re having a baby.

00:22: Your child is going to grow up disturbed! Look at that face! It’s a demon. If it does not come alive at some point I will eat my hat. With ketchup.

00:33: Who?

00:38 Something’s on the floor. Probably a cat. It’s never the monster the first time.

00:46: Alright, good job. You made me jump.

00:49: Wait, you’re not a doll? What the hell. Is this movie actually going to be psychological? Like it might not be the doll?

00:51: Okay that was either a dream, or the lighting in their neighbor’s room is really unreliable.

01:03: Oh god the music is picking up. Jump scare incoming…..so why am I still so tense? Even thou I know it’s coming?

01:13: HOLY S***

01:14: So apparently puberty was kind to the girl from the Grudge

01:19: Is that supposed to help you? Scare her off, maybe she will just leave you alone. Yeah that’ll work.

01:22: AHHHHH!!!…….Huh, that guy has a really cool beard.

01:29: The violence is actually really boring compared to the buildup.

01:33: Oh I bet the doll is happy about this. Look at that grin.

01:37: Haven’t seen that movie.

01: 39: Blink. Do it. Blink.

01:42: Hah! Called it. It’s the doll.

01:47: Presenting: Chucky’s Brides Revenge!

01:53: And more creepy music slowly building. Jump scare incoming. Probably as soon as the title finishes.

01:58: Waiting for it…black screen to build tension…..and…..

02:01: Okay not yet. She is just rocking back and forth. But I am holding out for the jump scare.

02:09: This is making me nervous.

02:12: They have a single frame left to scare me. Lets see if they use it.

Nope I guess it’s not happening. Though the Jeff the Killer picture in the recommended videos actually made me jump.

This is trailer is interesting, they don’t really go all out like most trailers. The tension is just slowly building throughout. Thou the living doll idea is a bit boring, it looks like they might be able to do something new with it. Or at least do the best damn haunted doll story they can.

Only time, will tell.

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