All Hallows’ Eve

There are only two moons you want on Halloween night.

A crescent or a full.

One for the witch, and one for the werewolves.

But can you deal with the fright?

Because there are only two things I want on Halloween night.

To trick and treat.

And not find any razor blades in what I eat.

So can you survive this youth-based blight?

Because there are two things that stalk on Halloween night.

The demons that no longer sleep.

And the monsters who creep.

Do you know the child with the eyes completely white?

Because there are some people you don’t want to meet on Halloween night.

You’ll try to run away,

To live to see another day.

But no matter how hard you try to escape, you never do quite,

Because there are no survivors on Halloween night.

Special thanks to: Collin Pearman, Dylan Alexander, Jerry Banfield, Michael The Comic NerdPulsatilla PratensisSuperGoof Media, and Zeony.

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