Building A Book: The Mountain Of Paper

Wow. There it is. I did not realize how satisfying it would be. To look at it. To see it. Stacked there after three hours of waiting.

Am I being vague?

Yes, yes I am.

It’s because it’s somewhat odd for me to go into this. But I think it’s time I told all of you. Stopped keeping it a secret.

I printed my manuscript. Continue reading

A Special Announcement: Endmare

I believe it was Chuck Wendig who said a writer must have another artistic outlet beyond writing. And I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts.

So, I thought I’d make my own. But, as you all know, I am not one to do things in the normal way.

So instead, about 35 days ago I began recording. A semi-improvisational project based around on-the-fly observations of the world around me. Continue reading

Real Talk Here: Please Read (This Involves You)

I’m hesitant to bring this up. I’m not sure if I can properly cover this in an article. It’s special to me, and precious, and exactly the sort of thing you’re supposed to share with people.

It’s a belief I have. An idea that a friend of mine gave me the seeds to think with. And it’s big, and it involves all of you. Continue reading

Connie Cockrell: What It Means To Be A Writer

Hey guys, Brandon Scott here. Today, instead of my usual stuff, I have an awesome guest post from my friend Connie Cockrell. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

I’d like to thank Brandon for inviting me to post on his wonderful blog. I know he talks about writing here and I thought I’d do the same. One question I often get is “What’s it like to be an author?” I suppose the questioner thinks it’s exciting, living inside my own head, pouring words onto paper, vicariously living out my fantasies. Perhaps it is, but there’s more to it than that.

For example, I slop around the house in sweats and a quilted flannel shirt in the winter, soft cotton shorts and a t-shirt in the summer. If I don’t leave the house, I don’t get dressed. No, it’s not a pretty sight. Continue reading

News: A Time For Family, A Time For The Holidays

Hey guys! I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays–because I certainly am.

And while I adore blogging for you guys, I am going to be taking the next two weeks off (with maybe a special Christmas day article, I haven’t decided yet) to spend time with my friends and family.

So, I’ll see you guys then, and have a merry Christmas, a happy rest of your Hanukkah, a wonderful Kwanzaa, and an awesome whatever else you may celebrate. 🙂

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Philosophical Gift Baskets

So, for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, I somewhat recently sent out a series of themed tweets called #philosophicalgiftbaskets. In these I attempted to explain complicated philosophy via the miracle of gift baskets.

It went about as well as one could expect.

Here, are those tweets.

Welcome to Solipsism.

The gift basket does not actually exist.

#philosophicalgiftbaskets Continue reading

All Hallows’ Eve

There are only two moons you want on Halloween night.

A crescent or a full.

One for the witch, and one for the werewolves.

But can you deal with the fright?

Because there are only two things I want on Halloween night.

To trick and treat.

And not find any razor blades in what I eat.

So can you survive this youth-based blight?

Because there are two things that stalk on Halloween night. Continue reading

Comic Review: Biowars Issue #1: Infection

When I first started Coolerbs Reviews I never thought I would end up doing a comic. And even when Marvel started to become an obsession of mine, I still never thought it was going to happen.

“The universe was too complex” I’d say, “and I don’t live near a comic book store.”

Yet, for some reason, it never occurred to me that there were original comics being made online. Ones just starting out, devoid of the labyrinthine plot lines and hundreds of characters. Stories I could get into with only a few clicks.

And so, here we are. Continue reading

Collin Pearman: Three Pathways To The Future Of Science Fiction

So, a little more than a month ago, I wrote a guest blog post for my good friend Collin Pearman, author of the excellent book “A Timeless Abandon“. In return, he wrote an article not only responding to my own, but going further on the topic.

This my friends, is that article.

Three Pathways to the Future of Science Fiction

As he often does, Brandon Scott got me thinking. Recently, I had the honor of having him write a guest post for my blog, on the future of science fiction as he’d like to see it. His one word for what he’d like to see? MORE. And he’s right, of course. More is what we most certainly need. But how? I present to you three pathways (principles?) to making this future a reality. First and foremost, we need to actually care about the future of sci-fi. Continue reading