I reached over 300 followers on WordPress, and it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, so why not combine the two into one post? Because, well, one of the things I’m thankful for is that so many people, despite all the changes, despite all the different things I’ve done in my writing, the audience here continues to grow, and I get emails sometimes from people—and it means the world to me.

I do this blog for almost entirely free and yet it feels like so much a part of my life as a writer. I hope that it stays that way. Continue reading

Simple Joy

There is something to be said about the simple things. The tiny actions and circumstances that inspire joy that perhaps we don’t talk about enough.

And, I’m thankful for my family, my health, my privileges, and all the usual things—but with Thanksgiving coming up super soon, I thought I’d do something a bit more outlandish, and tell you, dear reader, about the more abstract things I am thankful for, and appreciate.

So, yeah, let’s get a tad schmaltzy. Continue reading


“It’s Christmas time!”

No! It’s not!

Not yet. I love Christmas. I adore Christmas. Holy crap, it’s almost here and I am excited. Family and Christmas specials and shopping (yep, bucking stereotypes, I’m a guy who deeply enjoys going shopping—just not for clothes) and I’m looking forward to every iota of Christmas lights I can get into my eyeballs and on my brain.

BUT I also like Thanksgiving. I find that holiday fun as well. I’m looking forward to that, first. So, just because Halloween is over, does not mean it is winter holiday time yet! Continue reading

Late Flash Fiction: Thankful

Sorry! I’m late! Thanksgiving threw off my whole schedule, and I’m getting this post out about an hour past Saturday.

Please forgive me :(.

For those who do forgive me, and haven’t run off in anger, may I present a type of story I’ve always wanted to do. An admittedly self-indulgent tale of one man, and his many imaginary friends.

I call it:


The table was so big it would not be available on the standard commercial market. It also made no physical sense. So, it was a good thing the man at the head of it, at least in this world, was a god. Continue reading