Flash Fiction: Candles And Hollow Men

This story is surreal. It’s strange. It’s downright weird.

It’s a symbolic tale of a man’s fight to remain whole.

It’s called:

Candles And Hollow Men

By the light of a double flame I saw my death, half-obscured by the shadows of an empty cabin at night. Continue reading


Flash Fiction: Consumerism

Wondering what that countdown is about? Well, I am running a bit of a contest here on Coolerbs Reviews.  If you’re interested, come check it out, right here: Click Me

One week left for Christmas shopping, you better get out there! There are so many sales happening!

Just don’t go too crazy…

…or this flash fiction might happen.


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Looks like Chuck Wendig has yet another challenge for us.

This time, we need to create a 1k word story out of a single starting sentence.

So of course, I had to get in on that.

It took a long time to decide, but I eventually picked Kirsten’s:

There was an awkward moment as my breath hitched, my mouth too dry to swallow and my knees just seconds away from sending the rest of me folding into a pile of sweaty flesh at his feet, when I saw him smile.

So, to continue the month of Halloween, I bring you:


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Rambling Review: Brave New World (The Book)

It should be noted that this review is more of an overview. As such, it contains heavy spoilers. For anyone that thinks that they can skip reading the book by reading this review: Please do not attempt. I am not a substitute, just read the damn book. A little culture never hurt.   

“O wonder!

How many godly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world! That has such people in’t!”


Never has a quote so perfectly matched a book. Continue reading

Netflix Quest: #6 Upside Down

Two skies. One culture. I look up, and it’s a mirror.

A pool of water suspended in the sky. A person on a boat, looks up and gives me a wave. It’s beautiful, the most spectacular thing I have ever seen. The trip to Eureka was worth it just for this. The entire trip was worth it, just for this.

The shoes they had given me, kept my feet on the ground, but my soul is soaring, across the dual worlds. Continue reading

Netflix Quest: #9. Rubber

The planes of chaos exist, but does not have a location. It’s very nature makes it this way.

The reason I found myself in it was that it was a major shortcut. By going through here I am skipping across almost a continent of space. It was worthwhile, but incredibly dangerous.

The path I walked was the only stable thing in this dimension. The rest of the space was howling chasm, filled with random bits and bobs. A sound like that of a dying cat could be heard almost indefinitely.  Continue reading

Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

It is a very exciting decade for book to movie adaptations.

So many books are getting so popular that they can become movies. Which in turn is feeding back to the popularity of books.

It is really cool to see teenagers reading again. Even if it’s just so they can understand the popular movies made from them. It is a step forward as far as I am concerned.

Now of course the two biggest success of this new fad are the “Twillight” and “Harry Potter” franchises. They are huge and made money hand over fist, continuing even too this day. But the third is just as intense in its fan base.

I am referring to the Hunger Games Trilogy. Continue reading