Netflix Quest: #9. Rubber

The planes of chaos exist, but does not have a location. It’s very nature makes it this way.

The reason I found myself in it was that it was a major shortcut. By going through here I am skipping across almost a continent of space. It was worthwhile, but incredibly dangerous.

The path I walked was the only stable thing in this dimension. The rest of the space was howling chasm, filled with random bits and bobs. A sound like that of a dying cat could be heard almost indefinitely. 

Sanity was not easy to keep here. So it was too be expected that I would not at first believe what I had come across was real.

A tricycle, a little red tricycle. Made of pure evil.

His name was Robert.

I have a little bit of trouble even believing that this movie exists. I watched it, with people, then we talked about it later. And I still don’t believe this movie actually exists.

A movie that revels in defying expectations. Anime levels of just off the wall madness.

It is a movie, about a tire that comes to life, and swears vengeance on humanity.

No I am not kidding.

As this silent character travels across a desert he witnesses the horrible things that humanity has done to his race.

Then using his new-found psychic powers, begins to blow off people’s heads. In graphic detail. All the while a crack team of police trail after him. To stop the madness of the killer tire.

So, yeah. For the most part this movie at first glance seems like a simple silly horror movie. Like “Death Bed” or “The Gingerdead Man“. But I bet your thinking, if that is the case then why is this on the same list as Samurai Jake.

Well guess what!

Yeah, turns out. This movie is brilliant. A clever and incredibly self-aware satire of the movie corporation.

Because you see, well all this is going on we are not the only viewers. A large cast of characters inside the movie, are watching the movie. With us, at the same time, But we are always watching them.

It’s all a bit meta.

It takes swipes at not only how the movie industry treats the audiences it produces for. But also makes fun of how we as a culture are a bit to obsessed with our media. It plays with the idea of who really is watching it. It challenges the watcher to figure out what it all means.

Though, a very clever satire is not all it has going for it. The acting is surprisingly top-notch with the main human character being one of the funniest author insert character ever. Talking down to the characters as if they were actors, because they are, yet the characters don’t know that.

That is assuming that the main character is even what I think he is. I honestly can’t tell what the symbolism means half the time in this. It is deliberately confusing. The movie loves to just play with your expectations of what is going to happen. Stuff will just happen for no reason.

So yeah. Put aside some time for this one. It is a nonsense filled ride that at the very least will give you a great thing to break out at your next get together. Just do not drink while watching it. I don’t even want to know what it would be like to watch this drunk.

This is but one part of the grand Netflix Quest! To check out the others, click here.


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