Netflix Quest: Introduction

If the Hobbits can have a quest, then why can’t I?

Welcome to Netflix quest! A ten part series that will dive deep into the chasm that is the Netflix archives.

I have searched high, and I have searched low, for the greatest hidden treasures of Netflix. Battling against Orcs and the other force of darkness that would seek to keep these hidden from you. But with great bravery I managed to steal them away, so that you, the readers may bask in their golden glow.

Then I took my treasures and arranged them into an easy top ten list, that even a dragon could understand. These are the often overlooked TV shows/movies that Netflix has to offer.

All of the ten blog articles will be linked here as they are made. So that you may more easily enjoy the fruits of my labors.

But, as will all top ten lists, I must first state what my ground rules are.

  1. This list is meant to highlight some of the more obscure and under watched of what Netflix has to offer. As such nothing on this list can be a popular show or video.
  2. It must be something that I have seen a significant amount of, so if I have missed something that you consider to be more obscure, but still of high quality please post it in the comments.
  3. Finally, the whole point of this list is to bring attention to really good shows. So shows that are just weird or really obscure will not get in on those qualities alone.

Alright now that we have everything in order, lets strike well the kettle is hot, and I will tell you of my adventures on the quest. The Netflix Quest.


9 thoughts on “Netflix Quest: Introduction

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