Netflix Quest: #7 Eureka

The forest was vast.

A single rabbit ran by, its mechanical eye glowing red. I watch it disappear into the brush before I continued on. Wondering, briefly, where it was headed.

The path was cobblestone, and the only noise that could be heard was my feet hitting it. By this time in my quest my shoes had become ragged, the soles worn out, and the tongue hanging out like it’s namesake.

Then, finally I came to the entrance. A simple post in the ground. I swiped the card and waited a few moments.

Then waited a few more.

Finally, a series of scanners rose from the ground, dousing me in laser light. Switching colors several times. While it was scanning me, I had a few moments to get a look at the devices themselves. They were odd, almost hazy looking. Like someone had superimposed them there. I decided it might not be the best time to think about it.

The machine eventually withdrew, and I was allowed to continue into a clearing. A long road, with many shops alongside it. Only a few cars however, with most of the patrons going on foot. Though one was floating on jet powered shoes. Breaking several speed laws, both legal and physical.

As I made it to the center of the road, my eyes were drawn upwards. Watching as a miniature version of the planet Jupiter orbited a helicopter. A man in a sheriff outfit, hanging out of it, trying to shoot the celestial body down. The gun firing what looked like glue that was lite on fire.

I wasn’t surprised, after all, it’s just another day in Eureka.

The Sci/Fi channels longest running television series, this show is possibly one of the oddest I have seen in a while.

The premise? A small town in Oregon, U.S.  is the home to nothing but 160+ I.Q. scientists, whose experiments are always going out of control.

So think of an entire town of Dexter (the kids show, not the serial killer). Where they are all given the funds to do whatever they want, with no worries about money or expectations.

I can hear Ayn Rand drooling from here.

Now you would think that a show like this would be a bit alienating, at least for people without a large knowledge of science. Because despite the huge amount of pseudoscience used in this show, it still throws around a lot of high concept terms. But the show easily shirks around the problem by making the main focus on the character of Sheriff Carter.

Starting on the job in the first episode, Carter is shown to not actually be that knowledgeable. Constantly baffled by the technology that is used. Making it so that the scientist can explain what they are doing, thus keeping it nice and easy for the people watching at home.

Though that is not to say that the main character is dumb, far from it. As the show progresses he is shown to be incredibly intelligent, just not knowledgeable. Able to solve the various problems that the towns face, usually caused by scientists messing around with things that they have not studied well enough. Or two different factors running at once happen to react violently with each other.

Or you know sometimes they just f**k up.

The show actually is formatted as a mystery. Sorta like the crime shows that everyone seems to like so much. With each episode focusing on something that went wrong inside Eureka, and the scientists and police attempting to mitigate the damage, and find out the source. The answer is of course always something that was in the background, or briefly mentioned.

In fact if I had to compare the show to anything else, it would be Scooby Doo.

The similarities are startling, they even split up into little groups all the time. Then at the very end they solve the problem with some hair brained scheme. Like if Fred was mixed with Dr. Insano

Really though, all the insane science is more of framing device, something interesting to watch as the real heart of the show is allowed to be presented. The Characters!

Yes, this show has a large cast of characters, all of which over the course of the show are allowed to grow in their relationships with each other. Romances building, and friendships formed. Despite being written a bit cheesy, you grow to really like them. Root for them, and want them to survive some of the more extreme dangers that they face. Because sometimes they don’t. Yeah you heard me right, main characters can die. Not to the extreme that Game of Thrones brings, but the threat is real, and you should be careful. Don’t get too attached, they might just melt into a puddle.

Funny, and dramatic. It’s the kind of show that you can spend an entire day just watching, and munching on popcorn.

I speak from experience.

So what are you waiting for? Take a visit to American’s favorite little town!

One that if you revel to the general public, you’ll be executed!

No pressure…..

This is but one part of the grand Netflix Quest! To check out the others, click here.


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