Too Much Content!

“You can’t have too much of a good thing” is a bullshit statement. And as opening sentences to my articles go that might be the most jarring one I’ve done in a while. But, it’s true—so very true. I am inundated with stuff I want to watch and read and experience and do. I realize, like a lot of the stuff I talk about online, that this is a first world problem. But, hey, I am being more open, and this is what I am dealing with. My problems, shared by others, may not actually matter much in the long run, but that doesn’t mean they are not valid in the immediacy of strong emotion. Continue reading


Netflix Quest: #5 John Dies at the End

I’m not a stranger to alternate dimensions.

My job is to travel. My life has become this endless walking. The universe is infinite, as is the quantity of universes.

But travel’s fast, if you jump.

A broken bridge in one reality, fixed in another.

I have seen sights that would make you go white, then turn red, then go mad. In that order.

That’s just the nature of the Multiverse.

But today, I was not on some astral plane of higher reason, nor was I swinging through the jungles of the lava shrimp. I wasn’t even on the planet of Victoria Secret models.

No, today I was on earth. The usual earth, the one you know. The one you just thought of when you read this.

But something was different, you see. The old world, but through a new filter. No, not color, but a new layer. The things that existed on too high a plane, or too low, for us to notice. They all clearly stood, walking among you, running their fingers through people’s hair; cursing them with gingivitis, and milk-mustaches.

I was running on Soy Sauce you see.

And that s**t hits you hard. Continue reading

Rambling Review: Dolphin Tale

Things looking a bit different? Yeah, you could say that. You see I am having a bit of an event on the site for the next few weeks. You can read about it here. Otherwise, no worries, this is not permanent. Just a bit of fun. Hope you enjoy.

Recently, the movie Dolphin Tale came out to critical acclaim, getting  86% on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.5 out of 10 on Metacritic,  along with a very similar score of 6.4 on Imdb.

Based on the true story of Winter, a dolphin that lost its tail and receives a prosthetic one to survive.

Well, for a movie that is based on a true story, it actually has a large number of false facts, with things added, mainly, to increase dramatic tension. I can actually back this up slightly as during a visit to Florida I was fortunate enough to actually see Winter in real life, and I will admit to choking up when I say her with the chunk of her tail missing. The movie did not stir me at all in the emotional department, but actually seeing one of the most beautiful animals on earth ripped apart was honestly heart breaking.

Well enough of the mushy stuff, I will get to what you want to know, what is true and what is a lie.

First off the obvious stuff. Of course the people in the movies are actors and thus are just pretending, though the names are, from what I can tell, accurate. Also some of the boats and even the building itself are props, as the building shown is not even close to how the real thing looks. Though the inside were actually correct and filmed at the real hospital.

I can understand why they did this, as the real one could not be covered in storm debris, and the real building is also not aesthetically pleasing.

But there is more, less obvious stuff.

The place where they found Winter is completely different. They rescued her in a place called Mosquito Lagoon, miles away from the beach. Also, there were no kids involved with the affair, I understand that it would make the movie more relatable. Also, they worked as a great way to get out exposition. Despite that, I am not exactly happy with that choice, as I think the story could stand on its own merits, but I digress.

Another big change is that it took only a couple of weeks to figure out the substance for Winter’s tail and building it, when actually, it took a full year to create the device. Which does lead me to wonder how much of a medical danger Winter was in, by not having a tail.  Was it just stated to make it more dramatic?

On the subject of drama, the movie makers actually did a lot to ramp it up, which I suppose made it more intense. One of the things they changed was the financial trouble in the movie; the company was not in any trouble before or after getting Winter. That was totally made up, as was the storm that hit them.

Now, lets round out the false facts in the movie. Winter was actually caught in December, which really makes you feel worse for her, as it must have been cold even in Florida.

Also the tail itself, it really did fall off, but not from infection. It fell off because of blood loss, naturally, no surgery required.

Personally though, I really only had a few problem with the movie. One of which kinda killed the experience, the music.

Out of all of it I only enjoyed the Jason Mraz part, because it matched the cheery/hopeful tone of them working on the tail.


There was a scene towards the end where he is swimming with Winter and I wanted to watch the beautiful scene, but the music was so loud and not matching the mood, that I had to fast forward through it.

There were also scenes that just did not need background noise; I will give them credit though, some of their scenes were great, simply because they did not add background noise to happy scenes. Which let the audience actually be happy on their own terms, instead of just being happy in response to the music telling them to.

Another complaint is how easy it was to predict what was going to happen. The second I saw the kid messing around with a tool I knew he would have something to do with the tail.

I also guessed right about what would happen with the cousin. Because he said that he was just going to the army for a little while. From that alone, you could tell he was going to either die or be injured, so he could not swim.  No movie ever puts someone into the army off-screen without being killed or injured.

The stuff that I did like was mostly character based.

Morgan Freeman, of course, steals the show no matter what he is in. Lending a bit of class to the movie.

Also, the child actors were surprisingly good for this kind of movie, though at times the girl was a little too “whimsical”.

The relationship between the characters was also good, if a little stereotypical and, I honestly was happy that the two kids parents did not end up together, despite so many planted chances for them to do just that.

So all in all a good story that does deserve to exist (unlike the two Transformers sequels) and does its job as a kid’s movie with some real depth and conflict. In a world where kid’s movies are fart jokes, pratfalls and recycled concepts, this is a refreshing story of hope and fighting the odds.

Personal score: 6 out of 10

Worth Owning: Only if you have kids

Recommended audience: All ages

Multiple Viewings: Yes, but only once or twice.

Netflix Quest: #9. Rubber

The planes of chaos exist, but does not have a location. It’s very nature makes it this way.

The reason I found myself in it was that it was a major shortcut. By going through here I am skipping across almost a continent of space. It was worthwhile, but incredibly dangerous.

The path I walked was the only stable thing in this dimension. The rest of the space was howling chasm, filled with random bits and bobs. A sound like that of a dying cat could be heard almost indefinitely.  Continue reading

Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

It is a very exciting decade for book to movie adaptations.

So many books are getting so popular that they can become movies. Which in turn is feeding back to the popularity of books.

It is really cool to see teenagers reading again. Even if it’s just so they can understand the popular movies made from them. It is a step forward as far as I am concerned.

Now of course the two biggest success of this new fad are the “Twillight” and “Harry Potter” franchises. They are huge and made money hand over fist, continuing even too this day. But the third is just as intense in its fan base.

I am referring to the Hunger Games Trilogy. Continue reading

Ender’s Game The Movie

Many adaptations of popular franchises have gone over quite well in the last few years. The Harry Potter movies where critically acclaimed, and loved by the fans. It is not impossible to adapt a book to film in a way that will please the fans.

Some books lend themselves to this better than others.

Ender’s Game was not one of those. Continue reading