News: Blast from the Past!

Once upon a time, I was The Rambling Nerd.

I used to post articles called Rambling Reviews, focusing mostly on movies, but also books and anime.

I was a different person then, a different character.

But, you see the thing about life, is that is has a habit of changing on you.

In a blur of activity, forced to change. My life, turned upside down. I had to stop writing for the longest time.

I eventually came back. This site is proof of that.

But in that intervening time so many things happened:

  • I moved to a different state
  • I changed schools
  • I started working for the excellent people over at Scifibloggers
  • I was a stage manager for a play, with my friend Dylan Alexander.
  • I got REALLY into social media.
  • I had a stint with trying at being a game designer.

Then at the end of all of that, I came back. Ready to work.

Since then, I have created a bunch of new articles, and tried to give everything I could to this site.

I still plan on doing that.

But some days I miss it, I miss being the Rambling Nerd. I miss all my old gimmicks.

It seemed like I would never be able to reclaim the simple times. That I would forever be Brandon Scott/Coolerbs.

But then, when all hope seemed lost, I found them. The old articles.

All of them.

So I decided, what the hell. One last ride into the nostalgic. For a few weeks, or so, I will be the Rambling Nerd again. All my old articles re-released for your enjoyment. With only the smallest of edits done, to make sure that is stands up to my new standards for grammar.

Otherwise, it will be just as it was.

Now don’t worry. Once I have finished, I will come right back, and we will continue with all the usual. Netflix Quests, Reviews, and Trailer Talks.

Till then, you may call me The Rambling Nerd.

The Old Bio:

Hello, I’m the Rambling Nerd.  I love all things nerdy and love to think about them critically. So I decided to devote some of my time to see as many nerdy movies and T.V. shows as I can. In my attempt to add to the internet culture of it all. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on the new movies, Feel free to message me on topics I could review. As long as it is a form of nerd culture I will be open to trying it.   


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