Bringing In The News

You may have noticed some changes around the site.

Some of them are from me, some I actually have no idea what caused them. The usual blue of my page looks more striking and bolder for some reason—and that has nothing to do with me.

I guess WordPress is just cool like that. Continue reading


Moving Days

Hello everyone. I can’t assume that every single post I’ve written you’ve read, so I must reiterate that I am fairly young. Early to mid-twenties over here. So, really, I’m late to the party—but, here’s the update: I’m moving in with my girlfriend. Continue reading

Have A Girlfriend

I once wrote a post that was perhaps the saddest thing I’ve ever written. It was bitter. It was despondent. A lot of pain placed down as words. That post detailed something that had been a massive concern, a giant sore spot on my emotional landscape. Perhaps my greatest hang up; my most damning worry.

And I thought I’d update you all on that story.

And how it had a happy ending.

Because, believe it or not, I have one now.

I have a girlfriend. Continue reading

News: Busy As Shit

Hey guys.

So, as you know, I sometimes need to miss an article in the schedule. I don’t do it often, and it’s always for a good reason (I promise), but, this is one of those times. If all goes well, I will soon be able to pump out content the likes of which I can barely think with. But, in the meantime, bear with me as I finish a few things and settle into my new life schedule.

I think I’ll still have a Flash Fiction for Saturday, but I’m not yet sure. I might have to just pull out a new poem for it. We’ll see.

In the meantime, have a great Wednesday, y’all.   Continue reading

News: Still The Holidays, Folks

Hey guys, just a heads up if you were expecting a post today: Coolerbs Writes won’t be back until the 30th with the third annual New Years Book Cheers.

Until then, I’m probably off enjoying my presents or something. I pre-scheduled this one, so even word-me doesn’t know what real-me is up to at the moment.

Anyway, hope your holidays were awesome so far, and I’ll see you soon. Continue reading

News: A Sudden Deviation

Hey guys.

So…some stuff came up. I am only now recovering from the lack of sleep, and I don’t have a post for you today besides this one. In fact, the chaos is still going, and I am going to have to take a brief break for the next week or so.

I think I can post a new article on the 15th once everything is in order. Sorry. This whole thing really blindsided me.

I’ll talk to you then.

News: Computer Issues

Hey guys…I’m sorry to say that there won’t be a new article today. Over at casa-de-coolerbs, I was having a few issues with my computer and it prevented me from getting an article ready for you guys.

Don’t worry, I’m already almost done fixing it, and will have a Monthly Mention for you come Wednesday.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

News: This Is Not The Post You’re Looking For

Hey guys.

There’s not going to be a Wednesday post today (except this one). I spent the last two days dealing with a series of medical tests, and didn’t have time to write up an article for you. Now, don’t worry, I’m fine. In fact, I can say that with medical certainty now. And the peace of mind that brings me is worth all of the hassle I’ve been through these last couple of days.

But, still, I am sorry. I promise to have something for you guys on Saturday.

I’ll see you then.

News: Egg, Firmly, On Face

So, I tried to have a contest…

That was a silly idea.

Well, a contest in itself was not a bad idea… but the way I did it was…

I made the rules a bit wonky, and I should have just let people post existing links to stories in the comments or something like that. It’s really my own fault… Continue reading

News: See you Next Year!

Hey guys, so the holidays are still going, and I have a bunch of stuff that is building up, along with spending time with my family.  So, I am going to be taking a small hiatus till the end of the year.

Don’t worry, I won’t be gone for long, and when I return I will have some new stuff…including a very special project I have been working on! Continue reading

News: Blast from the Past!

Once upon a time, I was The Rambling Nerd.

I used to post articles called Rambling Reviews, focusing mostly on movies, but also books and anime.

I was a different person then, a different character.

But, you see the thing about life, is that is has a habit of changing on you.

In a blur of activity, forced to change. My life, turned upside down. I had to stop writing for the longest time.

I eventually came back. This site is proof of that. Continue reading

News: Truth is stranger than…friday fictions

Alright, so it turns out I can write things that are not reviews.

Well, fancy that.

Yeah so, I recently wrote a short story. It’s called “Garbage Man”.

It was an idea I had a few months back, but I guess it took till now for all of it to be sorted out in my head.

So I wrote it. Not knowing if it was any good, or even worth a damn. Continue reading