News: Egg, Firmly, On Face

So, I tried to have a contest…

That was a silly idea.

Well, a contest in itself was not a bad idea… but the way I did it was…

I made the rules a bit wonky, and I should have just let people post existing links to stories in the comments or something like that. It’s really my own fault…

Basically, what I’m saying is nobody entered the contest. Unless something got lost in my emails, I never received any entries.

I blame myself.

But, I consider this whole blogging thing to be a way for me to grow as a writer, and like anything in life you make mistakes. And sometimes, you just end up with a calorie rich poultry by-product smeared across the bridge of your nose.

Oh well, at least I’m remembering to eat breakfast today.


One thought on “News: Egg, Firmly, On Face

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