News: Egg, Firmly, On Face

So, I tried to have a contest…

That was a silly idea.

Well, a contest in itself was not a bad idea… but the way I did it was…

I made the rules a bit wonky, and I should have just let people post existing links to stories in the comments or something like that. It’s really my own fault… Continue reading


News: See you Next Year!

Hey guys, so the holidays are still going, and I have a bunch of stuff that is building up, along with spending time with my family.  So, I am going to be taking a small hiatus till the end of the year.

Don’t worry, I won’t be gone for long, and when I return I will have some new stuff…including a very special project I have been working on! Continue reading

News: Year’s End Contest

If it was not obvious by now, I am a big fan of flash fiction. I love the challenge of condensing a full story down to such a small work count. It’s great practice for me, because I often have trouble being concise in my writing.

But why should I have all the fun? I look at all of your blogs, dear followers, and I see that you guys also love a good flash fiction.

So I thought I would give you a reason to make more! Continue reading


So remember the challenge I did last week?

Well, Chuck Wendig decided that this weeks challenge will be for us to continue someone else’s story, but still not finish it.

So here we go again! I am continuing Kelly’s “Don’t Talk to the Dead” (click link for original article by Kelly)

The stuff in bold she wrote, while my continuation with remain in normal mode.

Ready? Let’s go!

Don’t Talk to the Dead

Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge: The First Half of a Story Only

Hey guys. Surprise post!

A flash fiction; written by yours truly. It’s my entry for the Flash Fiction Challenge. A weekly contest hosted over at

This weeks challenge? To write a 500 word story that is purposely unfinished. Then, someone else might come along and finish it. Who knows? But whatever the case, it was a lot of fun to write.

If you’re¬†interested in participating, the link is right here: CLICK ME!

Otherwise, here we go! Continue reading