Rambling Review: Warm Bodies

Things looking a bit different? Yeah, you could say that. You see I am having a bit of an event on the site for the next few weeks. You can read about it here. Otherwise, no worries, this is not permanent. Just a bit of fun. Hope you enjoy.

Like it or not, Twilight as a film series was a huge hit. It made millions, and started a massive fan base. For those of us that had any connection to it, you know how insane it could get. Lines and crowds all screaming its name.

Now, you see the thing about movies, and the media in general, is that they are a business. Nothing makes as much money as Twilight, without getting industry attention. The industry loves to slam an idea into the ground until no more cash could be made from the product.

Go to any bookstore and you will see that, in the wake of Twilight, monsters and romance have become a combo that adds up to billions of dollars.

Same for movies, the industry is willing to milk it as far as they can. Any supernatural creature is up for the taking.

Some recent examples include.

  • Fallen- Angels
  • The Vampire Diaries- Vampires
  • Teen Wolf-Werewolves
  • Beautiful Creatures-Witches
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Werewolves, Demons, Witches and Vampires.
  • The Host-Aliens
  • Shrek- Ogres and Dragons

So someone looked around and went, “What’s left? Zombies?”

“Sure….why not?”

Now, though I have compared them. I should mention that Warm Bodies is not a direct rip-off of Twilight. It is actually a clever idea for a movie.

The world has ended, again, and zombies are now the top species. Having wiped out most of the human race in 7 years. No tricks or gimmicks, these are classic zombies. They infect with a bite, they are shambling and eat brains.

Oh, but they can talk. Not easily, but they are capable of basic speech.

Our main character, Julie, is a scavenger for a human refuge. Hiding behind a large wall made of metal panels and girders, it is possibly the only human settlement on the planet. Her job is to go and find anything that is useful to the population.

While searching a building, they get attacked by a group of zombies. Who eat Julie’s boyfriend and kill all but Julie and her friend.

Julie only survives by one of the zombie’s saving her and bringing her back to his personal airplane house for safety. I promise that this is not a large spoiler, as this all happens very early in the story.

What follows is the strangest romance to ever occur, a zombie and a human.

The movie is actually a clever sort of story, because the movie is from the zombie’s point of view. He narrates almost the entire thing, and the movie’s humor (yes, a romantic monster comedy, I am as surprised as you) mainly comes from the fact that he is a zombie, and trying at romance. The narrations he gives is frankly hilarious and, thankfully, the actor is good at acting with his eyes, making the zombie enjoyable to watch.

In fact the main zombie “R” is the best part of the movie. It is just a shame that the rest is a bit of a mess. The other characters are a bit flat, especially the father who is the classic war-time survivor. The other characters only exist to fill a role, or to add to the idea that Julie is a real person.

On that subject, Julie, herself, is not a horrible character and the two main do have enough chemistry to entertain the idea of a romance. She does fear well, and for a zombie movie, that’s important.

But my main complaint for the movie is “The Power of Love”. If you saw any trailers for the movie you would know that the zombies are being cured…..by love.

Love is a driving force in many movies, books, songs, and video games. But it has never been a magical force of healing that literally reverses death. To say any more of it would be spoilers, but the idea of love conquers all (even the plague) is a lazy idea to me.

But, considering the inspiration for the movie, it is not a surprising plot point.

For those who have not picked it up yet, the movie is Romeo and Juliet with zombies.

Or, should I say Julie and R?

It’s all rather blatant, there is even a scene where R yells for Julie and she walks out to him from a balcony.

It can get rather silly.

Despite that, all in all, it is an enjoyable throwaway movie. You will not really care about it after you watch it, but it is fun and witty while you are.

Say what you want of it, as a standalone film it is a huge improvement over the Twilight movies, and if you like those, then you will enjoy this.

So yeah, Warm Bodies: The only movie where the undead is the life of the party.


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