Rambling Review: Warm Bodies

Things looking a bit different? Yeah, you could say that. You see I am having a bit of an event on the site for the next few weeks. You can read about it here. Otherwise, no worries, this is not permanent. Just a bit of fun. Hope you enjoy.

Like it or not, Twilight as a film series was a huge hit. It made millions, and started a massive fan base. For those of us that had any connection to it, you know how insane it could get. Lines and crowds all screaming its name.

Now, you see the thing about movies, and the media in general, is that they are a business. Nothing makes as much money as Twilight, without getting industry attention. The industry loves to slam an idea into the ground until no more cash could be made from the product.

Go to any bookstore and you will see that, in the wake of Twilight, monsters and romance have become a combo that adds up to billions of dollars.

Same for movies, the industry is willing to milk it as far as they can. Any supernatural creature is up for the taking. Continue reading