Writing Is Simpler Than That

Storytelling is simpler than we let it be. What we consider cliché, what we consider trite or overdone, will work if it’s good storytelling. It’s the reason that superhero stories can have the same plot across the board but still succeed.

What is a structure, if not a template? What is a bacon cheeseburger, if not the same ingredients each time?

So many stories are this: character goes to a place, the place is described, then danger comes. They have an adventure overcoming that danger, then maybe there’s a conversation with strong emotional ties, then they travel to another place.

It’s that simple. Character motivations inform the rhythm, but they are still traveling the same path. That’s the nature of life, too. We go places, do a thing, and then we move to the next.

So why do I tell you this?

Well, if you are having trouble writing, just remember that the next natural moment in an adventure is a fine step to take. Just describe what is happening, as the vision of the moment comes, and do not worry if it is interesting or not. So long as you can tell us something with real emotional clarity, with a focus on what is most important in the scene, you’ll do fine.

Stories are that simple. We just let them be more than that because it feels like magic.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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