That Hustling Music

Lately, I’ve noticed a genre of music I enjoy—but cannot place what it is called. The tracks don’t seem to exist under a unified style, but all have one thing in common: they are about hustling.

And by hustling, I mean working a lot for money. Songs that seem tailored to the ideals of the entrepreneur.

There are a few reoccurring lyrical tendencies:

  • Something about either fire or lightning in a person.
  • Something about being unstoppable, no matter the hardship.
  • An air of rampant individualism.

And, though I think it’s all a little hokey, these songs feel like a motivational speech channeled into music. They are good for keeping my focus on work.

Also, oddly, as I’ve been developing my ad strategies a lot lately, I’ve come up with some of my cleverer ideas while listening to these songs. That may just be because I’ve been listening to this style for months, but still.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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