Bugs And Lizards

Non-Florida natives, if you visit here, you will run into two critters. The first ones are fun. We call them geckos, but that might not be accurate terminology. They are lizards, most about the size of your finger, that climb up walls, hang out by lights, and will try to sneak into your house if they get the chance.

They are harmless—so far as I know—and about as common as squirrels.

The other creature is Palmetto Bugs, or large cockroaches.

No, larger than that.

If you have not seen one or been to other states that contain similar sized bugs, then you do not have a concept of how jarringly large these fuckers are.

And they are always a nuisance. They show up places when you least expect them.

And though, in most cases, I prefer to not hurt bugs and just let them outside; I make no kindness for these things.

They are a menace and feel like they crawled out of horror stories.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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