What’s My Genre?

I don’t know what type of writer I am.

When I tell people I’m an author, you might guess what they assume. Science fiction. Always, always science fiction.

I guess I give off that vibe.

But it’s not what I always feel like writing. I quite enjoy technology and speculating about the future, but it’s not the genre that fills my head.

Like, I think I’m maybe more whimsical than that. But if we go down that route, I’m not much of a fantasy writer either. Urban or Epic have never been a strong pull for me.

I’m not a mystery, romance, or thriller writer. I like reading romance sometimes, but I could not write one myself, and the other two genres hold little interest.

I also don’t do Westerns or period pieces, or Historical anything.

I thought I was a Horror writer for a while, but I don’t intrinsically write to scare. I’ll write to disturb. I am rather good at that. Making the reader recoil is something I’ve learned to do well and often instinctually evoke—but that’s not quite Horror. I’m not trying to instill dread; I’m trying to viscerally impinge a thought.

And you can do that in any genre.

Which makes it all the harder to figure out what genre of writer I am.

It’s been strange realizing this. Most authors I know are comfortable in their genre. They know and can answer that question. They have obsessions or strong interests that inform their choices. But… that’s not me.

I feel like the best book I’ll write will be genre fiction. But, before that, I have to figure out what genre.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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