Organizing Needed

As insane as it may sound, I have been trying to keep tabs on all of what I do in my head. Every schedule, every little task, every long-term plan—I have little written down.

It’s all in my mind.

That has not been going too well…

But, recently, I found a software that seems made for me. It’s full of automation and branching connections and even does gamification to encourage production.

I have been trying to find something like this for a long time.

And, wow, has it been an experience since I noted down stuff. The list is slightly terrifying to look at, but it’s so nice to not have it all in my head anymore. It feels like my hard drive has freed memory; like I have a little corner of my mental space open again.

It feels almost… cleaner.

The only problem? What I’ve gotten down is not even half of what I need to note. I still should enter another litany of project ideas into the system if I want to offload enough of my mental pool to really make it notable.

And that’s a project in of itself. But one worth doing. One worth embarking upon.

I must get organized. There’s just too much to do. So much life to live.

So, here we go.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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