Sorry, Everyone

Hey everyone, sorry about how the articles have been lately. I’ve been posting a lot of poems and not a lot of big stuff—and I feel bad about that.

But the reason is really cool, so bear with me as I make my excuses.

I’ve been busy doing my author stuff. I’ve been learning to advertise and market—and seeing some profit from it.

Like, the time I have spent looking at graphs and lines is absurd, but it does seem to be going somewhere.

The other thing I’ve been doing is working on the third non-fiction book. It’s close to being done. I just have to do my final homestretch personal checks, and then I have to get it to the people I hire to do the rest.

And the third thing is that I’ve been getting top 100 in like five countries now on ranking. They are smaller, niche categories, but, still, I’m proud of me. I’ve sold books in several countries, and I want to expand even further.

So, yeah, sorry. I kind of ducked out and left you guys with not much to read. I will try to be better about it now.

There’s just so much to do at this author thing, and sometimes it’s hard to find time to type down my thoughts here. But I’ll try. Because I like to entertain and inform you guys, and this is my platform for it.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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