This Is Our Job

I’m probably right to assume that a good chunk of the people who read my posts are artists, yeah? I think that’s a fair assumption of things.

I hope so, anyway, because I’m addressing you right now. I’m talking to the painters, the writers, the poets, the singers, the animators, and everyone else who makes things for the sake of aesthetics.

Give me your attention for a second.

Because we’ve got a job to do. This time in history is what we are here for—and we need to step up to the plate.

The doctors, the nurses, the manufacturers, the scientists, they are vastly more important than us presently, but we still have our own job to do.

We need to make art.

But not just any art.

This is when people need our best creations, our most heartfelt stories, our most joyous songs.

I think you can feel the mood of the world becoming dour. People aren’t just bored and trapped inside, they are scared, concerned, and tense. It’s not healthy, and it’s not good for anyone to feel that way.

It ripples, and it spreads, and it does change how society functions.

Thus, our task: to put forward creations and art that inspires, that amazes, that makes people laugh. I’m primarily a horror writer, and I have a dark sense of humor, but when I can, where I can, I’m trying to tell tales that make the world not seem so bleak.

There’s likely still a long road ahead for this virus, and, though perhaps we can’t be the ones healing those sick, we can keep hope alive. Even if all we can serve as is a distraction, we’re still doing our job.

And it is our job, and we cannot ignore it.

If you’re an artist, be an artist. The world needs you.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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