Living Without A Car

I still don’t drive. At my age, that’s a bit weird—but that’s not what I’m focusing on, partially because of my own self-consciousness. What I’m focusing on, is the workarounds. Because, of course, I have them. I must have them. It would be hard to manage.

Not going to name brands, because of fear of copyright shenanigans, but the point is this: if you’ve got the money, there are so many systems in place to make driving unnecessary to get items.

With a smartphone and some apps, I get, in no particular order: my groceries, takeout, toiletries, vitamins, snacks, electronics, hobby products, and even office supplies delivered to me. The only time I have to go somewhere is when I need it right then and there and now—and that is something that only happens if I’ve not planned something very well.

In fact, predicting is the name of the game, when it comes to this lifestyle. And I guess you can call it a lifestyle—I’m certainly making conscious choices about how I operate in life. Sadly, it’s not at all good for the environment, probably, this way of doing things—but I do think it causes some good.

Because the people who come and bring me stuff have been nice people, and I like to think that the money they make doing the job is helping them pay for something important. That I’m stimulating the gig economy—because I happen to be a fan of that business model, at least certain aspects of it.

I’ve got a pretty good machine going, and, as long as I remember to exercise and go outside for some air, it’s not like it’s that negatively affecting my life. I know, deep down, and not so deep down, that I have to figure out this car thing, eventually. But I’m not going to lie and say I’m not proud of figuring a way around the issue. Just because it’s a problem other people don’t have, doesn’t mean it’s not taking creativity to solve.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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