I Really Need To Remember To Eat

Clarification, before you all get too worried, I am not suffering from any disease, nor an eating disorder, and I totally have the financial means to acquire a suitable amount of food…I just…forget to eat sometimes.

Like, it’s not something I mean to do—I love food and eating—I just get wrapped up in what I am doing and not notice that I could eat my weight in meat if I felt like it.

It’s been a little that way since I started doing Keto. And, yeah, if any of you were wondering how I lost all that weight, it was that plus some serious exercise—ask a doctor before you try anything. But, for those who have tried Keto for themselves, you all know how much hunger can sneak up on you—how much the body suddenly and violently wants food.

And, it’s just something I really need to be better about. I can handle sleep deprivation, boy howdy can I, but, if I get too hungry, it ruins my mood. Makes me very snarly, and it creeps up on me. When something is upsetting me, usually, I can tell where and why it’s happening. But there’s something about not taking care of biological needs—the body is fucking powerful in its ability to mess with a person.

And, really, the only reason this happens is because—while a lot of protein is good for the body, or my body at least—I just get lazy sometimes regarding it. I don’t want to eat shit, so I usually must have cooked something—and sometimes I just don’t feel like it.

And while ya’ll can go to a restaurant or something if you get too hungry and don’t want anything at home—I have no car, and don’t drive, and can’t eat most Chinese food, pizza, or any of the other most common takeout items.

Sure, like a lot of what I complain about on here, it’s a first-world problem, but wow am I bad at it. I’m writing this on an empty stomach, and, well, I may or not be using typing this out as a procrastination method.

I really should just eat.

Fuck it. Last sentence: I’m getting myself some bacon.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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