Poem: I Believe In You

On this day,

When things got—

Fucking gray,

And there appears to be no solution,

I wrote this for then,

For when the world,

Seems bent and broken.

I’ve seen hardships,

More than many—

I’ve seen the pain,

Scary to plenty,

And yet I sit,




Knowing that,

Against darkness so large,

I won.

And I’m just me,

Not something impractical,

Not something special,

Not someone tactical—

But I did much,

And do more still,

Without giving in,

Without being made pale.

I know the steps hurt the feet,

I know there are days—

Days my friend,

Where you’ll swear your beat,

But know that there’s a world beyond,

A bustling thing,

And that people will help,

And that people sing.

We only see how much we bleed,

When we see the trail behind us,

And learn that against it all,

Through the darkness,

Hope might still save us.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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