Oh God, My Sleep Schedule

So, you all know by now that I have an absurd and messed up sleep pattern, right? Well, it’s somehow gotten worse; I am still figuring out how to fix it.

Here’s the basic issue: I run my own business, and, thus, I must do lots of stuff every day to make sure everything runs smoothly, sometimes quite a bit in a single day. And, often, I cannot go to bed until a set number of things are done.

But, also, as I get older my body seems to be less and less forgiving about not getting enough sleep—so I just must get like 8+ hours lately. Possibly all that caffeine is messing up a few internal systems—but you know how hard it is to quit coffee?

The upshot of this is simple, I must stay up late, and get enough sleep, so I wake up late, and then have less time during the day to fix the issue. Without the rigid—despised by me—routines of the modern world, I am lately sleeping past any reasonable hour straight into mid-afternoon.

And I still sometimes feel tired.

And, of course, the only solution is something like “make yourself go to bed earlier,” but that’s not an option that’s worked so far. I can, and often must, find an alternate solution to problems that seem ridiculous to others, and I’m damn good at it. Like I can be really fucking clever at solving absurdity, but the idea—the way to handle this—is utterly alluding me. Because I can’t afford to stop working, to do less, and I also can’t have my health fail on me either.

Another conundrum of adulthood, I suppose—but I’m still figuring this one out, and not doing as good a job of problem-solving as usual.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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