Smile, Nod, And Keep On Writing

When the doubts set in, and other artistic pursuits seem easier.

Smile, Nod, and Keep on Writing.

When you feel the sting of every imperfect sentence and line in a story.

Smile, Nod, and Keep on Writing.

When you’re tired. When you can’t muster the will. When a voice in your head says you can take off one night. Continue reading

The Unique Experiences Of Being A Writer

You know, some people really over-romanticize what it means to be a writer. I guess it’s their way of minimizing the stress of what’s actually required of people like us. Even the non-professionals have some serious shit they have to go through to create full books or fully readable stories/articles.

Writing, Above All, Is A Journey.

A journey that can, and often does, leave you with odd habits, difficulty getting along with people who aren’t also an artist of some kind, and the weirdest sensations in your fingers after a long typing session.

But then again, on the flip side, can you really blame them for hyping it up to this beautiful, magical thing? When we get to experience feelings that might be unique to only us? Continue reading

How To Make Monsters

Quake in fear my readers! Quake! For the storm approaches and soon, oh so very soon, my creation will walk amongst the world. And it will bring fear, and sorrow!

How’d I do it you ask? Fool! You think I would stop here and simply tell you the secrets of evil? The recipe for monsters?

Do you really think I have that big of an ego?

Because I totally do. So let’s get started! Continue reading

News: Year’s End Contest

If it was not obvious by now, I am a big fan of flash fiction. I love the challenge of condensing a full story down to such a small work count. It’s great practice for me, because I often have trouble being concise in my writing.

But why should I have all the fun? I look at all of your blogs, dear followers, and I see that you guys also love a good flash fiction.

So I thought I would give you a reason to make more! Continue reading

FLASH FICTION: Ramblings of a Dead Man

So, another week, another flash fiction.

It seems that I cannot break this habit. Though, honestly why would I want to?

So here is my newest story,  this time written without a contest to guide me.

A spur of the moment idea. I hope you guys like it.

So let’s go….I present my latest piece….

Ramblings of a Dead Man Continue reading

The Top Five Websites to Read (when you really should be writing)

The life of a writer is complex; to survive it, you need just the right mind for the job. Able to deal with all sorts of things that other jobs/hobbies/purposes of existence, simply do not need to. There is a reason why people think writers are crazy. Just a sampling of what we deal with includes:

  • Staring at a screen for an obscene amount of time, waiting for a single sentence to sound proper.
  • Trying to ignore characters voices when we are not actively writing about them.
  • Hand cramps, the likes of which the porn industry wishes it could invoke.
  • Crippling fear of failure. (“Oh god I have to work at McDonalds now”)
  • Crippling fear of success. (Success means live-readings, which by extension, means crowds)
  • The villains in your nightmares suddenly becoming people you invented. On purpose!
  • Getting bored of that one music playlists that you can listen to while writing.
  • The looming knowledge that computers might become advanced enough to make the written word obsolete.

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Flash Fiction Challenge: The First Half of a Story Only

Hey guys. Surprise post!

A flash fiction; written by yours truly. It’s my entry for the Flash Fiction Challenge. A weekly contest hosted over at

This weeks challenge? To write a 500 word story that is purposely unfinished. Then, someone else might come along and finish it. Who knows? But whatever the case, it was a lot of fun to write.

If you’re interested in participating, the link is right here: CLICK ME!

Otherwise, here we go! Continue reading