Sorry Characters: Eight Ways You Might Die

So, you’re a character in a novel? And you just found out your author plans to kill you off? Well, I’m sorry to say there’s no hope for you now, but you can at least feel prepared for it. Here, allow me to list off some of the ways you could potentially face your demise!

The Eventuality

Honestly, did you really expect to survive this kind of situation? You’ve been fighting monsters all your life (metaphorically or literally) and have been doing detrimental things to keep at it rather than look over your life choices. You been dancing around death the whole story, and now you’re going to trip. You really can only blame yourself for the demon bite/accidental drug overdose. Continue reading


The Top 5(+1) Cartoons of the 1990-2014 (That are not Anime)!

With a title like that, what could possibly go wrong?

So yeah making a list of good cartoons from the 90’s is really hard. Like stupidly hard, there was more than you could possibly shake a stick at.

Then, just to make it even harder, I decided to add cartoons from this decade as well.

It really is a cluster f*** honestly.

Yet to explain this list I have to go over a conversation that I had. Though as to not spoil anything on the list, I will refer to the cartoon as “Cartoon X” .

The conversation went as such*…. Continue reading

What Ender’s Game (the book) taught me about video games, and life.


Alright, so it is a very well-known secret that books can change your outlook on life. Your very beliefs really. I mean what else is the Bible, then a book with huge influence? (No offense intended to any Christian or other bible minded individuals)

Everyone knows that books can have effects on life, can help you through decisions, and so on. But what people don’t always know, is that this applies to all books. Fiction as well as poetry, nonfiction as well as historical. All of them could change you.

For me there is a few books that did this. Brave New World, Illusions. But most of all, Ender’s Game. Continue reading