Demystifying Creativity

Some may disagree with me doing this. Some may become alienated as my experiences do not match up to theirs close enough. And some might simply be mad at me for some other reasons that if I were to guess, I’d likely be wrong about it anyway.

I’m gonna demystify creativity. Continue reading


Christmas Collection #9: Favorite Inspirational Article! “To Artists”

(Originally posted July 22nd, 2015)

Hey artists, I want to talk to you. I think there’s something you need to hear. Perhaps it’s the first time someone’s told you these words–but I hope not. And even if they have, you deserve to hear them again.

You’re okay.

You’re important. Continue reading

On Inspiration–And What To Do With It

An interesting thing happened to me on Sunday night, and in my attempts to be more personal and open with you guys, I thought I’d share it with you.

I became inspired. I met inspiration. The taskmaster and–though often not permanent–companion of the working artist. And like a bomb blast in my head, a story came to me. Continue reading