My Genre (Probably)

Coming back to my existential genre crisis, I wanted to tell you what conclusions I’ve drawn. I wanted to mention what I came to as likely the most fitting genre for me.

I’ve looked over all I’ve read, all I’ve written, and what types of stories I naturally come up with in my free time. And it’s probably Urban Fantasy. That’s likely what it is and what I should probably write.

I can argue for Thrillers, as I do like to write fast-paced stories. There’s maybe a case for Dystopia, just because I have strong opinions on bad ways the future could go. But if I had to pick the genre that allows me the most of what I like to write, it would be Urban Fantasy.

Magic and gods and demons and monsters and strange phenomena happening in the corners of our world have always been what lights my imagination. Horror is basically dark Urban Fantasy a lot of the time, so it explains why I don’t mind slipping into it.

Now, with all that discovered, does that mean I will write a lot of Urban Fantasy right away?

No, not really. I’m working on a nonfiction series, so I don’t have the time.

But I’m happy that I know. Just for myself, it’s nice to have a genre. Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe I have not identified it, but I’m going with UF until further notice.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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