Poem: This Poem Is Bad

This poem is bad,

And you should not read it,

This poem is bad,

And is not worth your time,

This poem is bad—

And I have written it badly,

And this poem is truly a wretched thing.

You should not be reading this poem,

No matter how clever it may seem.

You should not look at this poem,

It’s just a waiting bad dream.

You should not be reading this poem—

Because I think it sucks.

You should leave this poem alone,

And find one that sticks,

To a rhyme scheme,

And does not go,



Fuck around with—


Even a poem should be—

This poem is bad,

And I feel bad for making it badly,

And so should you,

For having read it in the first place.

This poem is bad—

I don’t get why that’s not understood.

It’s bad here,

It’s bad in all neighborhoods.

This poem is awful,

I hope you can see,

This poem is awful,

An awful poem for you and me.

Have a happy day!

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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