An Entire Article About Keyboards

Noise level notwithstanding, I’ve learned to love the feel of a good mechanical keyboard. I was, until recently, one for laptops as my main way of writing—as my main way of working, actually. But a recent upgrade has made me see the appeal.

Now, is it more effort per tap? Yes, but it’s also more satisfying and kinetic. I used to think of typing as a glide, but, with this new keyboard, it’s more like a piano solo.

And then there’s the bounce of it. The keys are springy, so they slightly pop back at my fingertips after each strike, and it makes it feel like the words are replying.

And, yeah, it’s a small thing to be pleased about. But, when you write over three thousand words a week, on the low end, it’s noticeable.

You learn to like the feel of your tools, I suppose. It’s like how someone might have a preference for a specific truck design when they drive freight or a cook with a preferred spatula. I certainly have experience with the later.

So, yeah, if you’re a wordsmith like me, and want a change of pace, or maybe just to see, consider trying out a different keyboard type. I’m not sure I will ever be someone who likes a full-on typewriter, but maybe you are.

Maybe you’d actually like the low feedback feel of a wireless keyboard. I find them kind of hard to get into a groove with, but, hey, you never know.

I find it a good habit to enjoy the little things—not just the big moments. There’s going to be a lot more of the first than the second, after all.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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