What To Do When You Have Nothing Else To Do Because You’re Trapped In Your House Because Oh God There’s A Pandemic And You Are So Bored Out Of Your Mind!

As the long haul settles in for this whole stuck-at-home thing, I’m sure some of you are feeling rather bored, frustrated, or stir crazy.

That’s understandable, and not abnormal. Humans are not meant to be stuck inside this much. However, as a person who willingly stays inside and doesn’t do much that doesn’t involve computers, this whole thing hasn’t been that strange for me.

And, as a person who’s not usually bored, I wanted to offer some advice for anyone that finds themselves growing unable to do much more than eat and sleep and maybe play video games.

And that advice is this: there’s always something to do, you just need to think differently. Socialites are in us misanthrope’s world now, and there are different rules.

So, first off, give yourself mentally stimulating projects.

And I did mean that plurally.

You shouldn’t just involve yourself in one project because of what can happen if you get stuck or bored with that project. You need multiple things that need your attention.

You need to feel like there’s something else to do that’s also productive. Losing your one work action is how you got this way in the first place.

The next thing to do is to find a third project that’s a physical activity that’s somewhat physically demanding by your body’s standards. Making art is a great and worthy project—but it’s not going to burn calories or pent-up energy unless it’s something like dance.

So, start growing a garden, paint an entire room, reorganize your closet, etc. I don’t recommend anything like woodworking for safety reasons, but, otherwise, add something physical to your schedule.

Take it from me, your body is not just in service of your brain. Your body’s health affects your mood and thinking power. Keep a balance.

Finally, after you’ve gotten at least two mental projects and one physical project going, if not more, then you can do what most people jumped to first: get a book series or a long-running show or even a movie series.

Just consuming media is going to melt your mind, but I don’t blame anyone who wants some escapism during all of this. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to experience art—but, like, don’t make that all you do.

Because you don’t want to emerge from this feeling lazy or depressed, if possible. This month is not just a gap in everyone’s time: it can still be used for something beneficial. And you will feel better for having not wasted it. I’m not saying reinvent your environment or finally complete some longstanding life goal—but I’m also not saying you can’t do that.

Special thanks to: Melissa Potter

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